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Not hearing any sea shanties...



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Hi there! There are a couple conditions you must meet prior to hearing sea shanties:


- You have to have visited Neketaka

- Morale needs to be higher than 30%

- Total crew size nee needs to exceed 20% of the total crew capacity of your ship

- You need to be sailing (i.e. not in combat or walking)

- They have a 40% chance of playing vs the non shanty music



My numbers might be slightly off but it's close. They react to other things too like gender ratio. If your crew is majority on gender it will change the gender of the lead singer. If it's full one gender or another, you'll only hear that one gender.


Curious to hear if you've met these conditions? Also, did you play in the beta?

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yes I've sailed for like 5 days continously and nothing happens.. I've tried shallow waters vs deep water, I've tried boosting my crew through battles to get them XP and level up.. nothing happens. I have 100/100 morale, full healthy crew and have tested manually steering and auto pilot. nothing works. I've tried unchecking the box and then checking it again.. nothing..


sea shanties don't exist

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Thank you! I was not having reached Nekataka yet.. I couldn't find any information and I saw other people saying they were hearing them after leaving Port Maje (whether or not they were or were confused, I don't know..) Nice to have the details!

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