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List of items at the unique vendor with price/descriptions (berath's blessing, new game plus)

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Hey everyone,


For the community/reference's sake I decided to post a list here with the items available at the unique item vendor , accessable by spending 5 points of berath's blessing at the start of a new game. He is located to the west of the reading post at Port Mahe (starting town).


(List: (item name, item type, cost in copper pand, ability description (slightly shortened for my sanity)



The magnificent escape: cloak, 1275. +20 defense vs engament, 1 x/encounter when bloodied or below use rogue level 1 dash ability (small teleport, 3 second +50 deflection)


Amazing potion belt: belt, 2650, +2 alchemy, every encounter summon 3 random potions in empty quick slot items, usuable that encounter.


Firethrower's gloves: gloves, 3125, +2 dexterity, +2 explosives skill, +1 arcana, +2 all evocation power levels.


Trollhide belt, belt, 775, regen 1 hp/6sec.


Girdle of mortal protection, belt, 1775, +2 constitution, 20% of incoming crits converted to hits.,


Cloak of greater protection: cloak, 775, +10 to all non-deflection defenses.


Cloak of greater deflection: cloak, 775, +7 deflection.


Boots of the stone: boots, 2275, +1 might, +2 resolve, resistance to might afflictions.


Boots of speed: boots, 2650 : +25 defense vs disengament attacks, +25% stride.


Gauntlets of discipline: gloves, 1675, +2 max discipline (fighter classes/MC only)


Gauntlets of ogre might: gloves, 1375: +2 might.


Healing hands: gloves, 875, 1x/encounter heal one ally for 8 hp every 3 seconds for 5 seconds. (yeah, it seems really bad).


Ring of unshackling: 275, grants suppress affliction (level 1 priest spell) 1x/rest.


Ring of overseeing: 400, +10% area of effect.


Necklace of fireballs: neck slot, 8 charges of fireball.


Amulet of greater health: 1075, grants +25 maximum health.




That's the entire list. Some clear winners in the firethrower gloves, gauntlets of ogre might, girdle of mortal protection and the two types of cloaks of protection imho. However, just about everything here with the exception of the lay on hands item seems good. The prices are indeed very good for the power of the items. 


As a small tip, if you partake in the deadfire scavanger hunt  and enter the codes, you start with 10 x captains banquet. You could sell these for a total of 2000 gold and you should be able to buy at least 2 good items by selling what you have. (Or have Berath's blessing points to spare to get more starting gold and just keep those)



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These items and especially the bonuses you can buy are too good too early. The game is already not hard enough on the highest settings. Up to you, but I like a bit of a challenge


It might be useful for triple crown solo in the future, I suppose. 

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Isn't there also a ring that gives +10 accuracy to Fire attacks?


I've been using it literally the whole game because--and this is awesome-- it applies the accuracy bonus to Paladin's Flames of Devotion :D which means +20 accuracy total like in the beta

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Isn't there also a ring that gives +10 accuracy to Fire attacks?

That's sold somewhere else I believe (in Neketaka, though I can't remember exactly where).

I can't recall. I know it's really early on, possibly even one of the other Port Maje merchants? I feel like I've had it since before even getting to Neketaka but you may be right

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