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why Josh said they are very powerful? Specially with all the cool gears we got in game.


In a subject verb object questioning sentence, you get a form of 'do' before the subject. And after a use of do/does/did, you always get the infinitive. So 'say', in this case. 


-> "Why did Josh say they are very powerful? Specifically considering all the cool new loot we got in-game."


1) When two or more words modify a preceding noun, it is best to hyphenate these words to avoid confusion: "subject-verb-object-questioning sentence".

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That mod goes a long way to fixing the problem. The weapons are still weak in comparison to end-game uniques, but at least the spells themselves aren't trash. There are thre mods in there that are relevant. One makes them instant casts, another makes them last through combat, and another allows casting out of combat.

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