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As I was looking into character creation the other day, I was wondering just how awesome it would be if we could get more cosmetic options, like portraits and character models, especially faces, but perhaps also hair styles, beards, etc. As of right now, it is quite limited in scope. It is especially striking now that we see much more closer to the models.

I understand it costs money to produce, so I am just curious to know if I would  be alone to be interested in them producing some high quality materials for us to toy with in the future under the form of a small DLC or something. Hopefully, at a fair price, of course.


It would perhaps finally incentivize them to create those portraits the community has been clamoring for, like for the specific races of Eora, which are very lacking as of right now, especially orlans.

But the character models could also use some love. I really like the game and I intend to play multiple times through it, testing builds, etc., but having so few options just feel sad.

Anyway, I am just curious to know the opinion of the community.

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