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Do you pre-made histories have all companions quest/expansions completed?

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Just wondering because I started the game with the "Benevolent Soul" history and Eder says that he went to stay with his parents, which (from what I can gather) means his personal quest wasn't completed in POE 1.


I built my own world state and choose his ending as faith restored and it says the same thing when I talk to him.


Both of these were done AFTER d/ling the beta patch that was meant to fix Eder and his history as well.


edit - topic meant to say "do THE," not you lol.

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Isn’t the hotfix planned to come out next Tuesday? I don’t remember my game updating? As far as I know Eder’s import is bugged for now.


They released a beta patch for it yesterday.



You can d/l the beta patch on steam by right clicking on the game, then go to properties, then click on the "betas" tab and enable it there and it'll d/l the beta patch.

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