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Hi everyone,


I'm looking to make a Spiritshifter that can operate like a bruiser, taking full advantage of its forms. The problem I'm having, however, is that the duration of the forms is so low. I was hoping to make a werewolf type character, built around taking advantage of passive melee talent boosts and abilities from the fighter or barbarian class. As previously pointed out, though, since the duration of spirit forms is so low, my druid basically just cycles through the forms in any sort of meaningful fight.


Is there a way to make the spirit form permanent in combat? Seems like a rather large oversight that forms aren't a per combat spell, lasting until combat ends or are cancelled.

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I'm not playing yet so I can not answer your question but how long is the shift? In Pillars 1 it seemed like a decent amount of time. I wanted to play shifter but I am very afraid they nerfed everything too harshly for deadfire.

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For shifter it's 22 seconds baseline, increased by power level and intelligence. Investing in Intelligence is really important for that reason, because 22 seconds is just not long enough with how long recovery takes in this game.

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