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So, Deadfire came out. Looks really good, and now I've decided to kick restartitis in the teeth and actually finish this game! 


Tried a somewhat unorthodox barbarian. Works surprisingly well so far. Then again, I'm playing on one of the lower difficulties, so it's not like I'm stress testing the build. Figured I'd just put it in here.


What he looks like thus far: 




Meadow Human

Living Lands - Colonist


Might: 20

Constitution: 18

Dexterity: 3

Intelligence: 15

Perception: 18 

Resolve: 4


Barbaric Yell 

Veteran's Recovery

Savage Defiance 

Weapon and Shield



What I wanted was a barbarian who could tank with a shield. While I like lance barbarians, the way I built them they became horribly squishy, making their huge damage potential somewhat wasted since they would often be knocked out. Hence, I gave this guy tricked out Constitution. Yes, his Deflection is low for a tank, and that is probably the biggest problem here. Then again, his Health and Endurance pools are obscene. His attacks, while slow, are accurate and strong. He also interrupts like nobody's business, which seems like it should be a cool thing in conjunction with Carnage. 


I have no idea how many perks you get in this game, but I guess I'll pick up Blood Thirst and Bloodlust later on, to mitigate the attack speed issue. One Stands Alone seems like it should be a given too. Accurate Carnage, Stalwart Defiance, Interrupting Blows, Bloody Slaughter, Weapon Focus (probably peasant) all look good as well. Looks like I'll just have to carve out a path and see where it leads me.


Anyway, the build works surprisingly well so far, which is kinda cool.

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I found the problem with lowering resolve too much on barb is you get constantly interrupted, even when trying to activate savage defiance. But if you are going to do it having someone to cast holy meditation on your barb and/or using an item like belt of chimes really helps for this.

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All that constitution is fantastic haha you don't even need to use a shield most of the time. Just use those boots which trigger consecrated ground, which get triggered very quickly on a barb, savage defiance and veterans recovery. If you have +50% healing recieved or more you just self heal like crazy and you have so much endurance and health with high CON that you can just use frenzy and not even worry about your HP.

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That's exactly what I did. Belt of Bountiful Healing or Fulvano's Amulet + 8 or evena14 Survival will give you lots of healing (not counting the bonus from MIG and INT). Pretty nice especially because of the enormous health pool.


You could even go totally crazy on CON and clone Whispers of Yenwood for 2 x +2 stacking CON.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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