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Has anyone completed this or at least found the Bog Witch Hut or the Lich's Hidden Library.  I swear I have literally scoured the entire map and can not find either of these.  I did find an Ancient Lich in a Drowned Cave, but even with 22 perception I didn't notice anything hidden and the Lich's Grimoire itself doesn't count.  I also found a super obvious Bog Witch Hut in a cave, but apparently this is also not the correct location.


Anyone have any clues to either of these?

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Apparently, there is a bug that causes both the Lich and the Witch (Bipara) not to drop the item. For the witch, it's associated with killing her when she's in animal form. No way to get them without console commands if you don't have an earlier save, unfortunately. I can't complete it either due to the witch bug.

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1 of them is in the Splintered Coral or whatever in the bottom right of the World Map. You must kill Mennzago for it. Called Mennzaggo's Grimoire.


1 of them is in the Outcast's Respite in the top left of the world map. Kill Bipara for Bipara's Grimoire.


1 of them drop's from the Ancient Lich in the Flooded (drowned?) cave east of Magran's Teeth. It's called Brawler's Grimoire (for some reason?)

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