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yesterday i was trying to make some working scripts for my characters in order to make the fights little easier to handle but i had some issues.
1) My scripts dont work most of the time when i have autoattack behaviour set on anything else but aggressive. And thats a bit of a problem. I have a script to selfbuff my spellblade with defensive spells and then second script which should start spamming cripling strike on enemies (using dual blunderbuss). But i prefer if my character would stay still and shoot only if something is in range (i will possition my character manualy) instead of charging far away like a madman. When i had autoattack behaviour on defend self or defensive, my character stood still and didnt even selfbuff (i have setup selfbuff when i dont have the respective inspirations on me), the moment i put autoattack behaviour on agressive all starts working and this seems very strange to me.

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