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There are abillities which appear in more than one class, like Beer Fortitude, Toughness, One Handed Style.

And they are avaiable with power level.

But there is a problem with multiclassing, since you cant take a individual twice from different class.

Also you probably not interested in taking both One Hand and Two Hand styles.

With some multiclass combos (lets say Rogue/Fighter) it looks like you have many abillities to choose at low levels. But in fact you are limitted.

Morover: Swift movment, and Monastic training are very niche passives.

This is not equal for all classes. CIpher or Chanter have a few low level abillities, so there is a chance at least 1 will fit you. Rogue/Fighter have very few class specific.Ranger is another example of class with wide selection of abilities to choose from level 1.


Solution: Rearange neutral class abillties to generally lower their level, maybe even keep them all at max 7. Also give 9 neutral abilitties at level 0/1: 4x defensive 4x weapon spec. Toughness.

Especially Toughness is something you would really want level 1 (litterally scales with level).

Bonus to elemental damage also could be leve 1.

Generally all neutral passives could be just -2 power levels, and sometimes even more.


"In other crpgs" it is common that at level 1 you get bunch of neutral abillities as an option, and you can pick them up whenever you want. Limiting most of neutral feats to medium/high level is hipster design.

I do not think they are that powerful, to limit their avaiability so hard (at least most of them), but maybe im wrong.


Solution 2: Man up, there is a balance reason it is that way.


There is a case that Great Soul and Prestige could be really strong on MC, but you will sacrifize level 7 class abilities for it. Also for single class having them 4 levels earlier is nice bonus to. 


What you think?

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