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I feel like I've tried everything to get past that giant door with two skeletons flanking it.  The clues they give don't help me it seem.  I've been stuck here for over an hour and getting a little frustrated so I thought I'd ask for help.


What am I missing?

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I'm stuck on the same quest.  I have picked up everything that I've come across with nothing pertaining to the                    *Spoiler Warning*                         2 skeletons that I can interact with.


I hate asking for help with this but I've been through the entire tomb.  I must be missing a hidden object yet I stealthed all around and found only 1 which had nothing to do with the skeletons


EDIT: I figured it out.

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There are two pamphlets one in each of the heroes tomb. Read them to learn the names of the skeletons and to open the door. In my playtrough both pamphlets appeared in the Watchers inventory and not the group stash, that might be it.

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