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Cursor covered by black square when moving items and during cutscenes



Hi all, 


Loving the game so far, but am annoyed by small graphical error. 

When I run the game in less than full resolution (which my laptop can't manage), the cursor is covered by a black box whenever I move items in the inventory, or when a cutscene happens. 

Nothing earth-shattering, but breaks the immersion...


The error only occurs in fullscreen mode, not windowed.


Am unable to take a screenshot, since they come out like the attached image...


Any ideas would be appreciated


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Hello Nielsfm,


Thanks for posting! Ill get this bugged in our system, but it may require us to get your output.log and dxdiag to replicate the issue. Would you be able to provide us with those?





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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