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[macOS] Charactercreation/level up/Inverntory screens slow to a crawl



I am on Gog Fig backer version

macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

2.4ghz Intel Core 2 Duo

8Gb Memory

and Nvidia Geforce 320M 256MB


I know I am underspeced, but the game is pretty well optimized on the rest of the gameplay and  I think that the aforementioned screens should be the least likely to slowdown the performance,so maybe something happens there. On PoE 1 I had no such problems ,if it helps

*Also sometimes running the game results in blackscreens where there is limited interaction,tht is to say you can year dialogue going but in black,sometimes it happens in the menu too.

* I also found an instance where the enemy pirate ship in the opening battle disappears, its crew standing over the waves attacking normaly.


I wanted to report my findings for the optimisation/bug fixing team.

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Hi fenij,


Thank you for posting your Mac performance experience here. Unfortunately, our optimization measures account for the minimum graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GT750M) for Mac to render reasonably, however we do not account for issues in performance you may experience when below our minimum. Our character creation scenes are also one of our more complex scenes in the game and it is expected for performance to be more demanding.


As for the black screen and the pirate ship issues, we are aware of these and are working towards a solution for them as soon as possible.





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