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Certain attacks-- most notably, firearms-- have the "veil piercing" quality.  That means that the Deflection bonus from Arcane Veil does not apply to them. 


Against all other attacks, it's a very worthwhile Deflection bonus.  (Plus Concentration, which is nice.)

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Yeah, you don't see it in the character sheet unless it's a completely plain "+x deflection." It still applies as stated in the tooltip.


I'm not sure how the AI interprets conditional deflection effects, though. Plain effects will affect their behaviour by making them less liable to attack someone with high deflect, and I suspect that it goes by the value displayed in the character sheet. This would mean that Arcane Veil does not make you a less juicy target, even though it gives +50 deflect against almost everything. This can be good or bad depending on whether or not you want to be attacked.

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