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I'm very early into the game.

My first idea was to multiclass all the companions in order to test the different possibilities.


Eder: fighter+rogue is ok, i like the idea of having a tank that can also do some decent damage outburst.

(done some tests with the console command to level 19, and i found it better than pure fighter)


Aloth: wizard+fighter, in PoE1 i was using him as a fighter/tank with the "Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff" + "mirror image" + "iron skin", he was very effective, my idea is to do the same here.


Xoti: pure priest, i feel like you need to spend lot of point in both priest and monk classes, and so i've gone full priest with her, also her stats are very average for a warrior classe.

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Eder: Pure fighter. Same as PoE 1 he's my tank. Actually now he HITS things for a decent amount of damage, so he's even better now. 


Xoti: Multi'd her. Makes her a decent melee fighter/buff bot. You can switch to a pure class for either one if you wish, depending on needs (although her unique Monk class is kinda bad)


Aloth: I went pure wizard for rank 9 spells and I wanted someone at range.


Serafen: Not sure. I haven't fought too much with his multi class build, but it seems you just need to focus on using the beserk side for buffs and the cipher for moves. Keep him at range and make things explode. Same choice with Xoti if you want to focus on barbarian or cipher; do you want a ranged char, or a melee one in your party.


Takehu: I'd prefer pure druid for unique archtype and focusing on druid spells (since druid spellcasters are the best). If you want he can become more of a buff bot with druid/chanter. Forgot what the other class was.


Pallegina: I keep her as a pure paladin for the late game skills. Paladin/fighter makes her beefier on the front lines and paladin/chanter makes her more support.


Maia: Not sure. I was never a fan of Sagani, a pure ranger, because I can just use a Cipher. Maybe one of her multi builds makes it better.


These are personal preferences mind. Depending on what your PC is, feel free to change it around. 

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I've only played briefly, but I really liked dual-classing Eder. For example, he can use the Rogue ability -- forget its name -- that lets you disengage and leap to a new location, which was a great gap-closer after a party member unexpectedly dropped. On general principle, I'm trying my first run-through with myself and every companion dual-classed.


I stayed away from sub-classing myself on the first go-round. I'm first playing a Loremaster (Wizard/Chanter) and it would have been interesting to subclass the Wizard for Evocation, but make up for the lack of summons by subclassing the Chanter to Troubadore (for faster summoning). But I wasn't sure of the tradeoffs.

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Maia's speciality is not around the Bird, it's around guns. She reloads 20% faster and has 2 more percentage based buffs for guns that I can't name personally. She is amazing with arquebuses!

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Xoti monk subclass is a trap if you follow her basic setup. Offensive subclass bonus (wounds on kill), but you are wearing hatchet + small shield - how are you supposed to kill anything with hatchet and shield? Her sickle/lantern combo is awesome RP-wise, but it's an awful match for her subclass mechanics. 


I'm playing her as a contemplative. It is far away form optimal, but viable picking defensive monk abilities and forgetting about murdering people with a sickle.


I would suggest changing her subclass to a mechanic like Corpse Eater: she would do her Gaun thing on dead bodies and gain resources, or power levels.

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I agree that Xoti's monk subclass is a trap, though her unique items support it somewhat and might make for some kind of decent defensive build.  Personally I just use her fists and two weapon style along with priest buffs like devotions for the faithful.


I just see Eder as a walking target (he even says so himself), so just going fighter or swashbuckler is fine, though I could see some kind of dual saber damage machine being viable.


I see Palegina as basically the same, but which combo you pick probably depends on how hard the game is.  Fighter/Paladin will be the best tank, but if your whole party is melee anyways and it turns out you don't need a super tank then just go  Paladin/chanter for the most team support.


Serafin will overlap to much with my Watcher so for now I'm not even considering him. 


Takehu will probably be my healing support so I'll probably just make him pure druid, but druid/chanter is a tempting mix of support too so idk....


Aloth.  Depends on if there are any interesting tricks in the multi classes, I don't plan on using him but for now I would go pure wizard as long as I have him.


Maia.  Not sure what her multi class choices are yet.  She gets the ranged damage support slot though, if there's room for her.  For my party she'll have to compete with Aloth for a slot.


Anyways all this is dependent on what your Watcher is and how hard the game ends up being (I've heard it's easier than PoE was).


Also I don't see a problem with multi classing at all, though it will depend a bit on the highest tier abilities.

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Went with my Watcher as a Cipher (soul blade) and Barbarian. Kind of wished I'd looked up the companion classes now as there's one with this exact combo. May restart with a Cipher/Druid. Could be fun and didn't use a Druid in PoE. Interesting to hear where everyone is up to though.

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Soo, best build for each companion, IMO multicalssing not worth it, for companion at least


I agree with the main companions aside from Pallegina. I'm finding as Herald actually makes her useful, as she can just be chanting the whole time, giving buffs and heals, summoning stuff while she swings her big sword. Don't miss the paladin high level abilities in the slightest.


The sidekicks have been fun to multi, Rekke and Mirke are ridiculously powerful (think Rekke's particular ability synergy will be removed at some point so get it while it's hot)


Haven't played with Ydwin as my main is a Mindstalker (also ridiculous) and Konstanten came a bit late to the game.


I made Fassina an entirely summoning based caster (summoned weapons included) and it's cool seeing her flood the battlefield with beasties

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This build will work on any Swashbuckler but works perfectly with Eder.  This build is pretty self sufficient and makes good use of the AI. 


The core of this build is gaining as many Engagements as possible, keep them all Flanked with Persistent Distraction, and then stack as much bonus Flanking and Engagement bonuses as possible.


You can decide between Mob Stance and Guardian Stance and probably have enough points for both.  Most of your extra skill points will go to Fighter skills and you will mostly be using the Rogue Passives.


While you can use a Shield, where the build can get really fun is dual wielding Stalker's Patience (Bonus Damage against Flanked based on Stealth) and Kapana Taga (Bonus Damage per Engaged Target). 


These two weapons both can give +4 Engagement when using the Spear Modal.  Add Persistent Distraction to that are you are already at +5.  Guardian Stance gets you to +8. At some point you will max out the number of enemies that are on the screen at any one time.


For armor you have a number of good choices like Reckless Brigandine which improves action speed for each target engaged.


Combat is pretty simple, Charge at the biggest group of Mobs and they get knocked down if they try to run away.  If you want to get even more powerful set Mob Stance before Charging and then switch to Guardian after the first kill.  It would be nice if you could have the AI swap between stances based on Numbers engaged.


Anyone have any thoughts on fun additional items?  Having a Wizard drop a Pull of Eora is always good fun.

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Eder: Definitely Swashbuckler. Helps both his tanking and aggro-holding ability and tremendously ups his damage output.


Xoti: Pure. I want those Priest spells and I want them ASAP.


Aloth: Wizard-Fighter. If only not to babysit him much. The Disciplined Strikes bonus Accuracy shouldn't be underestimated either. Reroll his starting spells ASAP!


Pallegina: Herald. A TON of utility and support!  Reroll her starting abilities ASAP!

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My main is an herald, dual wielder, nice dps and excellent tank


Eder definitely swashbuckler, dual wielder. Good dps, and due to his fighter side and stats, good at holding fire.


Serafen, Witch. I tried pure distance cipher, and he kept dying from exploding himself. By concentrating more on his barbarian side, he became a real good dps, while being way more tanky. Dual wielder too.


Aloth, pure mage. Scepter + shield. I want these spells, and I want them sooner rather than later.


Xoti pure priest. Same reasons as Aloth. With her base weapons.


Maia, Scout. Rogue and Ranger combo, I really like. Dual blunderbuss.


Tekehu, druid/chanter. Good nuker, good healer, good buffer. Love it!


Pallegina, Crusader because my main is already an herald, and Tekehu is also a chanter. But could perfectly also be a herald focusing on other songs. 2H weapons.



These are my companions and they rock :=)

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I've been using these guides. I've only tested out eder so far and I really like his build. It seemed crazy to take his shield away but it works. I really like that the author shows the AI setup in the video.




Atsura, the intelligent Psychopath of my dreams.  I like my elves grumpy and my godlike fishy!

And my Rekke romancable!

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Here are my thoughts for the companions (and the MC):


Edér: Swashbuckler. Might be more tanky, might be more DPS-y. I might use a mod to give him one or two subclasses, I feel it's a bit more flavorful. Fighter (no subclass) / Streetfighter is my top pick right now, or Devoted / Streetfighter.

Maia: Scout. Rogues got better, and she becomes a DPS machine. Dual weilding guns or using an Arquebus.

Xoti: Priest. I don't like the Monk/Priest combination, and I want the good spell progression here.

Aloth: Wizard. Same as Xoti - I want the spells.

Serafen: Witch. Single class cipher seems bad in 1.1. I might give him a Berseker subclass, seems cool.

Tekehu: Druid/Chanter. I like casters to be single class, but I make an exception for a chanter multi.

Pallegina: Herald. Same as Tekehu - chanter multi seems pretty good now.


I haven't decided on a MC. It might be a Herald (and not playing Pallegina). I know I want Edér and Maia in my party, not sure about the rest.

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Eder: Swashbucker, mostly 2wf, but riposte also could be tasty.

Maia: Scout, even more now with Rogue buffs.

Serafen: Witch or Pure Barbarian. Barbarian being the core with 2wf, frenzy works fine with shred powers. Pure Barbarian could regain Rage. Sabres or Swords

Aloth: Pure wizard, high tier wizard spells are worthy. Evoker style

Teheku: Druid/Chanter, two unique subclasses. Both having some awesome spells. This caster could heal and flood enemies with spells. Also chanter chill fog.

Pallegina: Herald, does not that much dps in Templar mode. Lay of Hands is quality addition to party. Mass paralyze or armour debuff is stample.

Xoti: meh, Pure Priest, but the whole priest thing i am not sure of that. Teheku and Pallegina add more and enought.


Mirke, Shadowdancer, awesome sneat attack with pleanty of attacks.

Konsten, nope, has great hands and heart, but low int and per.

Fessina, nope, with Conjurer subclass no wonder she hates everything

Rekke, any MC but both played dual wielded

Ydwin, Midstalker, ranged dual pisto guns, Borrow Instinct, Amlified Waver, Ringleader, Desintagration, Recall Agony. That could really cover all needs. Rogue Crippling Strike, Devastating Blow + some passives.

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MC :Priest of Eothas/ Trickster rogue. Mostly picked to cover the skill spread w/ Eothasian priest minor interrcession. That fact that its locked to MC is not great design, but eh. Might choose something other than rogue for another playthrough.
Eder : Pure fighter, With no unique sub-classes I couldn't find it in my heart to run him as anything but my main tank. Using a swashbuckler engagement model seem cool though.

Xoti : Priest/Monk With two unique sublclasses and gear that boosts both builds anyone who doesn't multiclass her is mad. Focus her priest spells on Resto/Inspiration and her power levels up by 5 for resto and 2 for inspiation! I'm still tinkering with monk, but she's a stabby buff machine.

Aloth: Pure Wizard, but I've statted him with a host of Illusion spells to take advantage of witch mask.

Serafen: Wild mind Cipher. I fully embraced the madness here. With Soul Blade targeted toward Shred Abilites and Beguiler targeted toward deception I went and focused Serafen on echo abilites and have been pleasantly surprised. I've had to save before any fight because I DON'T KNOW what kind of **** he'll pull but its always cool.

Maia Rui: Gunhawk Ranger. Oh wow. With a Soulbound Arqebus... much yum.

Pallegina: Pure Ducs Fre Paladin. Flame based unique subclass and SO much flame gear in the game.

Tekehu: Druid/Chanter, Seriously? He's got TWO UNIQUE SUBCLASSES. Watershaper/Stormspeaker. As a watershaper his water/frost spells are foe only, his chanter abilites are lighting/water based WHICH Combo's with Darryn's Voulge which would only bond to him as a druid! No reason NOT to dual class him and a HOST of reasons to.


Side kicks-
Konstantine- Skald Chanter - It's the only subclassed choice he's got, and pairing him with a singing scimitar has proved to be a wild ride.

Fassina - Conjurer Wizard/ Animist druid - I know... I know, It seems weird BUT it basically turns her into a MASTER SUMMONER. Focus on conjuration spells for wiz (She's locked out of Evocation and Illusion) and beast spells for druid.

Ydwin - What up here? No subclasses? WTF. I made her a mindhunter, but soulblade should have been her sub for cipher and Trickster for her rogue. Huge 

Rekka - Once again, no subclasses. No clue. Should have left his ass in the ocean.

Mirke - Well, her fighter/rogue combo comes with a streetfighter subclass, but I couldn't figure out how to do anything with it.

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Aloth and Serafen became better with the latest patch.


Serafen after (and before) patch:

Mig 15 (14) +1

Con 11 (11)

Dex 12 (13) -1

Per 14 (12) +2

Int 13 (13)

Res 13 (14) -1


Aloth after (and before) patch:

Mig 12 (12)

Con 10 (10)

Dex 15 (15)

Per 15 (12) +3

Int 16 (16)

Res 10 (13) -3

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I went with Barbarian/Tempest main character &

Eder - pure fighter - good clean fun.
Pallegina - Paladin/Fighter - fairly glorious. Fighter offers a bit of mobility, damage mitigation & control to make your crazy Paladin support skills more valuable. 
Maia - Pure Ranger - colossally good. The upgraded concussive shot is just fantastic,
Xoti - Pure Priest - wasn't overwhelmed by. Maybe just not taking to the character or feeling the buffs were a terribly big deal. Tbf barely used her after a certain point.
Serafen - Pure Cipher - enjoyed this a lot. Some fun options. I feel like I didn't optimise him well or at all but still a good time.
Aloth - Rogue/Mage - barely used him tbh. Not a huge fan.

Tekehu - Pure Druid - Good stuff. Surprisingly synergised really well with main druid.


When I felt Pallegina really should have left the party (and Tekehu did) (for some reason she didn't though I went full Rauatai) I dropped her on the boat and went for a custom Paladin/Monk to replace her instead of picking Xoti or Aloth back up.

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Soo, best build for each companion, IMO multicalssing not worth it, for companion at least

Multiclassing not worth it? That depends on the class. Or your class.


Eder: (If you don't want to pick a rogue for yourself you can multiclass him with rogue, he will still be as tanky as ever, but has more DPS and more skills to complement your party)

Xoti:  (Priest? There is no value to go pure, adding monk makes her more versatile. You could even put her as a decent frontline then if you want.)

Aloth: Pure wizard Always

Serafen: Hm, not sure. cipher is not that strong and doen't really suffer from multiclass. But I'm not really convinced on combining cipher with barbarian either.

Pallegina: Paladin/fighter and she'll be twice as tanky with more dps.

Maia: I played her both as ranger/rogue and ranger/wizard. Not sure on the last one, but whatever. She will have more damage with both as opposed to going pure ranger.

Tekehu: unsure. I played him as druid pure, but got bored of him and he wasn't really that strong. Will try multi next.

Fassina: she can't use evocation so I don't see a reason to go pure wizard.

Konstanten: Howler is very good, but could go pure chanter.

Mirke: monk/rogue. Damn that dps.

Ydwin: either pure cipher but cipher / rogue would be better because of her crappy stats.

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With PotD in Mind


Eder : Swashbuckler, but really his place is on the bench as you there are better tanks than fighter now and his rogue is subpar to Ydwin, sword and shield works fine

Xoti : Priest/Monk you can make her a combo I guess too as you get all the nice priest healing/buff spells and can use monk abilities to dps. Whatever Pallegina is a better healer/ support imo

Aloth: pure wizard if you are powergaming and want a have decent story companion who is a wizard, mix if you want to have fun. Crossbows and Scepters work best here as weapon

Serafen: I am leaning to pure cc cipher with him, just give him good weapons and accuracy but in general I go Aloth or Tekehu before I choose him for my ranged ccer or even better Maia as Geomancer - mdps I think the other companions are stronger than his barbarian

Maia: She makes excellent ccer mixed with dps as Geomancer - I am biased as I think Geomancer is more versatile and has more perks for the team than Scout in this case, soulbound Blightheart is a + to as you go Wizard

Pallegina: Herald, the strongest support class behind Pali-Priest, you can build her ranged if you want to buff a strong ranged dps backline if your party is ranged oriented or as a second tank next to Konstenten, have her be the creature summoner and Konstanten the ccer among chanters though

Tekehu: since I think going chanter is strong on Pallegina and Konstenten I go pure druid here and have him on aoe nuke/ cc duty if I need that. Just give him a crossbow arbelast or hunting bow - rods suck


Side kicks-
Konstantine- Howler - seriously he has so much hp, spec barbarian with the more buffed abilities to his defenses and chanter into offensive cc invocations as hp restoration chants and you have a perfect tank. he hardly ever dies, eventually, you can get the invocation that revives others too so now you have an unkillable tank who can revive everyone. 

Fassina -multi her with druid, I agree she needs more spell variety rather than pure conjurer

Ydwin - any option she is strong. if you are playing a mdps consider making her a cipher, if you are rdps/ spellcaster yourself make her a dw rogue or mind stalker. give her good weapons and she will be top of the damage charts ahead of Maia and only behind your mc if your mc watcher is a dps.


I have no opinions on the others as I have not built them yet. 

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