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Dual Pistol multiclass: Gun them down before they see you

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I need some input with this and hope someone can get me some insight.


The general idea is to build an assassin with dual pistols and trying to be a ranged damage dealer for the most part. Hit people with a massive alpha from range, get distance and later one use rogue abilities to restalth and do it again. The thing is, I cannot decide which multiclass combo might be the best.


I am torn between these two:


Assassin/Devoted: Higher pen and +crit damage. A fighter doesn´t bring much to the table regarding skills later on, but the devoted passive is nice and beeing devoted to one weapon would fit with the theme fluff wise. Decipled barrage might be good to offset the pistols modal.


Assassin/Ghost Heart: Going ranger for more ranged options, picking Ghostheart to ignore the animal companion for fluff /theme reasons. The ranger seems to have some nice escape abilities.


Hope you guys can help me on this one.

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I just started a Fighter ( Black Jacket ) + Streetfighter Rogue, duel Blunderbuss / Pistol character. 4 Weapon sets from level 1 and it's a BLAST


19 Might

14 Constitution

16 Dexterity + Archipelago
14 Perception

10 Intelligence

3 Resolve

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Agreed with Cenar, picking Black Jacket Subclass makes switching weapons faster, so you can dish out pistol damage quicker and carry up to 8 of them.


As for the multiclass, I think sharpshooter ranger might be better than assassin or ghost heart? Mostly due to the PEN bonus from sharpshooter, the companion can just help you dish out damage or make sure you don't get engaged. Ghost Heart isn't really designed to not use animal companions, moreso it's designed so you don't have to worry about the companion fainting or getting stuck on engagement. The assassin bonus only helps when you go into stealth, which is only going to help at the starting attack in each fight, the sharpshooter bonus works as long as you got guns loaded.


EDIT: you also got only 8 bullets max to spare before having to reload so to make those bullets count, Marks and buffs are very beneficial. But if I have to choose 1 of 2 choices you've given, I'd take Assassin Devoted (buffs + restealth)

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Anyone tried it with a cipher class. I am considering an assassin rogue / soul blade cipher, thought is very high both ranged and melee dps. Challenge being it is kind of low survivability and requires a lot of micro management (my thinking anyway without trying it)

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I currently have pistols on my cipher, having replaced a rod. Its... Better than I expected, but there are problems with damage types and AR. Can't currently run the modal, as it absolutely crushes accuracy.


Thinking about switching to dual scepters, however. I prefer versatility.


The biggest problem with deadfire so far is figuring out what works (and what is actually effective) with all the system changes, and the game isn't exactly forthcoming about sharing info.

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Something to cosider is using the pistol-modal with only one of them, instead of using two pistols. Also using the rifle for all but one wpn-slot if you're switching wpns.

The monks flurry lower the pistol reload-times even further.

The pet Cutthroat Cosmo reduces reload-penalty from armor considerably while aalso buffing gun-attacks party-wide.

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Thanks a lot for all the input you guys provided.


Unfurtunatly, I wanted to play this for style mostly. What bugs me the most however is that I cannot figure out how to force reloading both guns when dual wielding them. As soon as I have cycled through my sets, my character will only reload one pistol before shooting again, even if I stop attacking for a while. It ain´t crippling the idea or effectiveness of the build, but it´a turn off for me. Inevitably firering only one pistol and watching the reload animation just isn´t as visually appealing for me as firering two in quick succesion.

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You should consider single pistol with the modal, that's quite good I've heard.  The accuracy bonus from using one weapon negates the accuracy penalty from the modal, allowing you to shoot really fast with decent accuracy.


If I was going to do this I would go with Devoted (since you know you're going to use a pistol, the loss of other weapon types doesn't affect you) and then maybe Ghost Heart.


You only fire pistol when firing from stealth anyway, the way I understand it.

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I am currently playing a Black Jack/Assassin build. It is very satisfying in combat and my character Rosario has twice as many kills as everyone in the group..all 8 slots have filled with unique weapons. One of my favorite pistols is Eccea's Arcane Blaster. This pistol has a chance to dish out 1-3 bullets and can score knockback. Paired with Thundercrack Pistol that has a storm rune. That storm rune can wipe out groups of people easy. Then quick switch through blunderbusses mercs. 

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