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At first I started a Trickster/Soulblade main character, but I don't really like the trickster so now I'm thinking of starting a Devoted/Soulblade or an Assassin/Soulblade. Which one would make more sense to partner up with a swashbuckler (fighter/rogue) Edér if I'll focus on one handed style with swords and medium armor?


Assassin/Soulblade and Fighter/Rogue has multiple ways to Flank enemies with smokes, blinding attacks and cipher debuffs, but a Devoted/Soulblade generally looks more viable with Disciplined B., Confident Aim and Cleaving Stance.


Basically my planned attributes for both would be Might15, Con10, Dex16, Per15, Int10, Res12

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I really wanted my mindstalker to work on my first go around. But it's *way* too squishy. You have no real defense or responses on those big hits besides warping away and switching to ranged. 


I switched to a Holy Slayer? Holy Avenger? (Paladin/Rogue) build and was *much* more satisfied with both the damage of my chars output and his survivability. 

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