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I'm looking for a class build and advice that relates to make a 'stay behind and rule the world with summons, etc' build kinda thing.


I didn't play the beta, so my knowledge is limited - hence the request for input.



I'd prefer surviveability w/longer killing times, over High DPS and fear of dying.

I was a huge fan of Necro's in Diablo 2, and would love a sorta similar approach, so .. the questions are:


What sort of stats should I take

Which race (Guessing Godlike)


Should I multi or not? (And with which class/subclass) - Preferably focus on support and making summons stronger and ability to increase my own surviveability IF I Multi.


Finally.. if I stick to a single-class Beckoner - is the final spells/powers worth it, or?







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Beckoner is specialized in summoning branch of Chanter skills.
If you go multiclass you will lose the ability to summon the most powerfull creatures from Chanter school. 

It seems to me that there is no good multiclass which will compensate the loss of the most powerful summons.
And since you rely on your summon's strength, not your own - you can gimp you own Strength stat and focus on maximizing Resolve (deflection)  and other tank stats, providing you with survivability you need.

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I can recommend watching Fextralife's youtube channel for some great insight: https://www.youtube.com/user/Fextralife/videos


Currently I am planning on starting a Chanter (no subclass or beckoner) multiclassed with a ranger (possibly Sharpshooter subclass). Giving him a firearm, pistols or long range gun, the ranger can give +20% reload speed to guns and a certian chant gives +30% on top of that. This gives a very fast shooting character, who not only has a standard ranger pet, but also summons.

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I'd definitely do single class, especially with that playstyle-earlier access and the ability to get more chanter things.


Race... definitely not godlike, I don't believe nature does much for summons, and the rest... Eh. It really depends what type of afflictions you want to ignore. I recommend Mountain Dwarf or wood elf for almost any class. Race in deadfire seems pretty meaningless otherwise.

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