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Hi all,


I enjoy playing rogues, and with new multiclass system introduced in Deadfire I decided to put together something a bit different. I'm sure someone here already done it in the beta, but I'll give it a go anyways;


It's a support/riposte tank build that uses Paladin passives (Darcozzi for RP reasons) to stack defenses, and Rogue for Persistent Distract/Riposte combo with nice damage boost via Streetfighter. Skill/attribute wise the character is built for wide range of dialogue options for a richer gaming experience, not just utility/effectiveness in combat.




Darcozzi Paladini/Streetfighter






MIG: 15

CON: 12

DEX: 10

PER: 9

INT: 15

RES: 17


Take note that I'm not a min-maxer at heart, nor is riposte the main source of damage since it's a bit lackluster atm, as I hear. 


Skills points should focus on Mechanics (secondary Athletics) as active, and Insight/Diplomacy (some Streetwise points) as passive.


Avoid taking +engagement slots (except Distraction) to get flanked more easily for damage bonus (dagger modal will nullify the penalty).


Aura of choice is +acc/crit, let Pallegina handle the armor boosting one :)


Weapon setup is dagger for modal + X (either sword or any other slow 1H for stronger ripostes/full attacks).


I'll expand on the talents a bit later because I'm at work :p


Let me know what you think about this concept. Thx in advance

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As for talent build:


LVL1: LoH (Darcozzi), Flames of Devotion, Escape

LVL2: Deep Faith

LVL3: Sworn Enemy

LVL4: Zealous Aura, Blinding Strike

LVL5: Two Weapon Style

LVL6: Divine Purpose

LVL7: Riposte, Shared Flames

LVL8: Dirty Fighting

LVL9: Confounding Blind

LV10: Persistent Distraction, Liberating Exhortation

LV11: Sworn Rival

LV12: Exalted Focus

LV13: Uncanny Luck, Greater LoH

LV14: Deep Wounds

LV15: Mental Fortress/Tough/Righteous Soul (pick one)

LV16: Sap, Virtuous Triumph


A couple of questions:


Anyone tried Sap? Is it worth the slot? I kinda wanted it for the afflictions that work toward Deathblows passive (without companion help)


Do passives/modals such as Uncanny Luck/Exalted Focus/Dirty Fighting stack for Hit to Crit conversion?


And finally, when enemy is distracted via Persistent Distraction, how much of a penalty to his Accuracy will he get?


Thx in advance and sorry for the double post.

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