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I'm not going to be able to play Deadfire right away so I figured I would get some build advice before hand.


As the title says I want to make a Bruce Banner/ Incredible Hulk based character with the scientist background and then Transmuter Wizard as my first class. I was hooked on Form of the Fearsome Brute as soon I heard about it. I know I won't turn green like the Hulk but a raging ogre is pretty great. 

As far as the actual stats I don't need a min maxed build. I'm more interested in the roleplay and having fun smashing stuff. I would like to multiclass. I think it's a really cool feature and I like the added versatility. I'm leaning towards streetfighter rogue because rogue is usually my favorite class in games and streetfighter should help the since I'd be right in the thick of the fight. I'm not set in stone on rogue though and am open to suggestions for other combos. I'd also like to have decent conversations stats if it can work with this build but I'm not sure how stat checks and dialogue work in this game compared to the first one.

Thanks in advance.

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I am trying this as well (on POTD) and I guess there are only two choices due to +speed buffs - Monk/Wizard and Barbarian/Wizard. Unfortunatelly due to fact that monk's passive unarmed skill doesn't apply to Ogre fists, so monk's fists will be stronger than ogre fists after few levels. Also Ogre fists have pretty low armor penetration, so I guess that berserk/transmuter is better (Tenacious adds +2 armor penetration). In both cases I guess you have to max out Int (for duration) and Dex (for speed). 

Edit: So at the end I think the best choice is Barbarian (no subclass)/Transmuter. Penetration from Tenacious probably doesn't worth the damage you take from it (for this build). Dps of ogre is definiitely lower then dps of other builds, but it's playable even on POTD so far and I like it. :-)

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Ogre's fists are very slow due to the immense recovery penalty of the armor. They hit quite hard though.


In order to profit from that you can use powerful Full Attacks - like Flames of Devotions for example.


And/or you want to get some big speed buffs - for example from the Streetfighter's "Looking for a Fight" (-50% recovery). If you combine this with Crippling Strike and some dmg bonuses the Ogre Form's melee dps is not too bad.  


In combination with some fast self buffs you can make yourself sturdy enough to shrug off lots of attackers while getting flanked, triggering the Streetfighter's "Looking for a Fight".


Another combo is Corpse Eater/Transmuter --> Barbaric Blow is expensive, but once you can combine the upgrade that refunds the cost on kill as well as Blood Thirst the fun starts. Sadly Blood Thirst comes really late... :( Corpse Eater just because there's nothing that fits better thematically. ;)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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