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Anyone starting Triple Crown right off the bat?

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I'm seriously considering it, just going in blind, only using my POE 1 skills (where i managed to achieved it on my 3rd try), not researching builds or anything. I think it would be the ultimate immersive experience, considering there is no metagame knowledge available at the moment.

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Most likely there won't be any difficulty related achievements, because devs said several times those were driving people crazy in POE1 - they were too difficult and people couldn't "plat" the game. Devs also said they will release those difficult achievements later when they balance out POTD.

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As someone that got Triple crown solo on vanilla and again after both expansions came out. I am going hard as solo wizard triple crown from day 1. Watch this and hold my beer.

I hope not because Obsidian has said those achievements will not be in game at launch.



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