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Hello DeviousIncubus,

first you have to be logged in through Game Center (iOS), Google Play Games (Android) or Asmodee account (anything, I think). Then, the Store icon should appear in the lower left side of the main screen (Menu) along with Challenges button. Once upon a time, you could have unlocked the characters in the Store using Gold coins, now you have to pay for it with RealMoney. If you have only the basic game (B deck) on mobile / tablet, you can choose two options:

1) Unlock Rise of the Runelords as a whole (adventure deck AD1 to AD6, character add on deck) in the first tab of the Store - now you will have all 11 standard characters, all promo cards and all standard adventures unlocked. A separate purchase is needed for the two goblin adventures (2+1 more characters, with goblin type, obviously) and Valeros adventure (1 more fighter character).

2) Unlock only the characters that you like (I think the third tab in the Store?) and some adventures (second tab?). This is somewhat cheaper if and only if you plan to buy only a part of the game. If you want the whole game, go for option 1)

I hope this explains it for you. Without access to the Store, you will be able to play only with Kyra and Merisiel. They are not bad characters (even though Kyra is a bad melee fighter and useless ranged fighter), and some of their banter during gameplay is funny.

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Them's fighting words  :skeptical:


This goes right over my head. And I don't have the fast reflexes to catch it.

We can have different opinions, but I think Kyra is not really great as a melee fighter (1d6+2? Huh - Ranzak's Survival 1d4+3 is in the same category). I prefer Kyra to be a Divine damage caster and healer. The latter part is where she shines as Lini and maybe Seelah can be better divine damage dealers than Kyra. OK, Lini is much worse Melee fighter even than Kyra, but with Animals and some use of Change shape, she can be better. :)

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This goes right over my head


As if :)


I play Kyra as a spearhead into difficult locations where her armour proficiencies and healing keep her alive until she's triumphed in a religious frenzy.


It's playstyles and particularly team building which are so compelling about this game. OP hasn't got many team building options with two characters, but Obsidian did pick arguably the most fun and straightforward pair. Valeros and Seoni could be the obvious choices for new players, but Merisiel and Kyra are loads more fun. I enjoy playing Lini, but she takes time to understand, and for whatever reason I seem unable to keep Harsk alive for more than about five minutes :/ 

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I'll weigh in on Jenceslav's side on this one. I'm not saying I don't like Kyra, or that I don't play with her, but her original form is somewhat lacking in melee prowess. You can keep her alive because she always seems to have a blessing to bolster her roll and can make ample use of healing. There are much better choices to use as a spearhead, such as Seelah with her favored card type of armor. I always prefer to play with Sunwrought Kyra since that has pretty much turned her into a martial character. 1d8+3 is a major improvement over her original 1d6+2.

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You have a point that RotR Kyra is underpowered. My dog chewed up my Kyra character cards (OK - melee was poor there..) and so I play IRL games with cleric deck variant Kyra. This version starts with d10 strength and constitution (instead of d6) and an automatic +2 and magic trait added whenever she uses a sword. 

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(...) but Obsidian did pick arguably the most fun and straightforward pair. (...)


I think they picked Kyra and Merisiel for whole different reasons: they are the most difficult characters to be killed (Kyra with endless healing and Meri with endless evading). If they offered Lini and Sajan instead, 80% of the new players would abandon the game in frustration pretty quickly... :w00t:





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