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where are you in the world and what time is your release?

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For me is only 5 hours. It unlocks at 18:00 in Europe. (Right now 13:00)


No, it's the same time for everyone, it unlocks globally at 10 am PDT. What time that is for you depends on where in europe you are.


For GMT (Great Britain and Portugal) that is 18:00

For CET that is 19:00.

For EET (most countries east of Poland) that is 20:00


Look it up on wikipedia if you don't know what timezone your country is in.

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Lisbon Portugal, steam says in about 5 hours, so around 17h GMT I reckon?


it's my birthday btw :aiee:


18h because Steam doesn't know how to count minutes.

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United States. Game releases at 1 pm. (4 hours and 29 mins to go for me.)

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perth western australia 12pm midnight  5 and half hours away


Poland. Releases at 7PM. Sadly using GOG so won't be playing it tonight. 


Poland here also, but due to these other errands of mine I will probably play it in June.

More bugs fixed at least, but gotta avoid spoilers on these here forums.

Was shifting between Melbourne VIC and Łódź recently, but because of me having to wait longer it clearly makes no difference to me.



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