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I love and hate priests. They have the coolest buffs and abilities and some amazing damaging spells but they are just so damn OP. So many of their buffs are just ridiculous. Devotions of faithful is OP, shining beacon is OP and is it just me or does it seem to stack with multiple casts? Crows of the faithful is like using a cheat, especially if you combine it with shields of the faithful. Cleansing flame is OP. Triumph of the crusaders is OP also but you don't even need it because your teammates won't even take damage when you have finished buffing the **** out of them The symbols are OP especially symbol of Magran. Some of their abilities are quite well balanced but seriously so many of them are just ridiculous. What kind of annoys me is that they have some extremely helpful abilities such as the immunities they can apply to team members but the fact that they have so many ridiculously overpowered ability kind of takes away from the fun of playing with one in your party.


I played a PoTD run with two priests, sure it was pretty tough to start out but eventually it was actually so broken and easy even on the hardest difficulty. I hope that in Deadfire some of the priests spells will be balanced a bit. Thoughts?

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Symbol of Skaen is actually pretty terrible. Piercing isn't the best damage type around the time you acquire it and there's better sources of Hobbled out there; majority of them being early game options too. Also I'm surprised at the lack of mention for Pillar of Holy Fire. Priests have the buffs and talents to easily make it into the most damaging burst spell in the game. It can decimate enemy back liners once you put up Reflex lowering CC on the enemies.


But yeah, Priest is pretty OP. I'd even go as far as to say they're the best class in the game. The other vancian casters aren't much better though; both Wizard and Druid are equally ridiculous.


PotD is not too bad even without a Priest. Paladins and Chanters make excellent substitutes, and you can always fall back on scrolls when you need buffs.

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Does that apply to the enemy ones too? So far, I don't find them particularly tough, and I don't know if it's because they're badly optimised and/or scripted.


Equally, I hope they don't go and do the complete opposite in Deadfire, making them too weak, as some developers are wont to do.


I probably won't be touching PoE II for several months, anyway, as I'm gonna finish POE I first... so by that point the devs will hopefully have ironed any issues out... or there will be mods to do just that. :D

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