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Templar (Paladin + Priest) or single Pally/Priest with updated high levels?

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Can anyone confirm just how much or how often Resolve affects conversation options and skills?


Resolve is not checked all that often in conversations, and most of them are pretty minor (and I mean really minor - stuff that checks resolve 5, some literal resolve 0 checks, etc). The handful that make a difference are in the resolve 15-16 range. Note that these are not at all like the persuasion checks in PoE1, but are more often about resisting mind control, shaking off illusions, and stuff like that.


As far as conversation stats perception and intelligence matter way more.


Persuasion is governed by diplomacy, with alternatives of bluff, intimidate, and streetwise. If you want a tally character focus on those skills.

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@Retro1210 3 +2 Rabunya +2 dog +2 necklace +1 ring +1 boots +2 Nature Resolve +2(or 3 if You want +1 permanent) bonus from witch bog. You can have +1 from another ring depending on class and try to stack blessing (+2) from one of the shrines but it doesn't always work (stacking).


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As explained in the lore, Priests don't get their spells from the gods, but from the power of their souls. In this case their soul power + beliefs form the spells you use as a priest.


If you could really believe in the ideals of atheism you would be able to be a Priest of Zilch or so - in theory. 


Or maybe a Proest of the whole Pantheon - if you worshipped all of the gods equally. Whatever... :)



Just be a Wizard/Paladin or a Fighter/Paladin... it does everything better, except healing, which can be done as efficiently with scrolls/potions.

It doesn't remove afflictions in an AoE, it doesn't buff in an AoE, it doesn't revive in an AoE - it doesn't do a lot of things a Priest can do better actually.


My problem with the Priest in POE2 is all of the spells take forever on recovery (or maybe it is me).   I just feel like my wizards can buff up 6+ spells to god status, while the priest is still recovering from its first spell.

That's because yopur Wizard only uses self buffs while the Priest is buffing the whole party. How OP would it be if he could cast Blessing + Devotions like a Wizard can cast Eldritch Aim + Alacrity? Besides that: most Preist spells have the same recovery as an melee attack. Not that long actually.


Even nuking the wizard "feels" more fluid over the priest.

Priests are good nukers - but it wouldn't feel right if they were better than WIzards in this case, right? Priests are for support - nuking is only an addon.


Add in the fact that you don't have to buy a single spell as a wizard and it is clearly superior to the priest...

Yes, that is a valid point that has to be addressed. Grimoires are very powerful and there's nothing camparable for other classes.


Oh yeah, I could make a case for a Druid being a better healers, which makes the Priest an odd choice.

That depends on the Priest and Druid. Druids are actually a mix of Priest and Wizard plus some melee. But I agree that in general the Druid is the better healer. But he's a worse buffer and affliction remover.


Priest / Cipher is just so bad. No way I can suggest that.

Sure there is a way: try Priest of Eothas/Ascendant. Once you reach ascended state cast Salvation of Time and cast everything into the ground while ascended for a long time.


Helwalker/Priest is also fun because DoT stuff like Shining Beacon profits a lot from both +MIG (+30% additive dmg) and +INT (+50% multiplicative). Same with healing over time. You can play it as melee character, but then I would suggest heavy armor and a heavy shield in the second weapon slot at least. As ranged priest you won't have that many problems with your increased "damage taken" - still carry a large shield in the seciond slot. You want to switch to it once you get focus-fired by guns. I still like a mig-ranged monk (multiclass or not) with mortars. The AoE size profits a lot from the +INT and the fact that you have no recovery but only reload (which can be cancelled for casting) helps a ton at being reactive/responsive.

Stunning Surge + mortars is awesome as well. Dance of Death is very nice.


Besides that a melee Priest with Sun and Moon is always nice. THe chance to repeat fire spells is great and the weapon totaqlly fits a Priest of Eothas. Grab Xoti's Lantern - it's great.



Boeroer, I know you initially recommended single priest, but you've also mentioned two interesting builds in Helwalker/Priest  & in Priest of Eothas/Ascendant.


Of those 3 would you still single priest for the more effective and later level spells?




So how do these starting stats look (for the single Priest of Eothas build)?


MIG: 18

CON: 6

DEX: 13

PER: 20

INT: 18

RES: 5

"If you would, you could become all flame" - Abba Joseph of the Desert Fathers.



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I like Single Priest because it's most effective as supporter because the key abilites come earlier. And because it's no hassle. Also Symbol of Eothas is pretty great. As is Spark the Souls (especially if you have a Beckoner in the party - holy moly...)


Helwalker/Priest is also no big hassle but more squishy. AoE is bigger and healing/dmg as well. But support suffers a bit because you get the cool stuff a lot later.


Ascendant/Priest is powerful especially in terms of offense/CC with spamming cipher powers for no focus - but it's also a bit hectical to time and manage all this.


For the most relaxed playthrough I would choose Priest. But some people don't like to only support as MC. They want to deal damage. In that case I would pick Helwalker/Priest of Eothas I guess. Shining Beacon +10 MIG and +10 INT is pretty great. And Salvation of Time +10 INT +10 MIG makes healings over time really powerful. Also buffs  will last a long long time.

With Devotions and +10 INT you usually not only buff your party but also reach a lot of enemies with the additional debuff. And so on.


Stats are ok if you don't walk the front line.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Helwalker/Priest is also no big hassle but more squishy. AoE is bigger and healing/dmg as well. But support suffers a bit because you get the cool stuff a lot later.


FWIW, I played a Helwalker/Priest of Wael in one run and it was a lot of fun.  Wael gives you some toys to help mitigate Helwalker squishy-ness (I borrowed ideas from thelee's Umezawa build (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102824-class-build-mechanics-101-lets-learn-with-umezawa-streetfighterwael/).  And not to rile up the RES discussion again, but I did not dump RES on that build -- actually maxed it ;).

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I'm doing a Priest/Druid right now and it's nice. Doing Wael/Lifegiver. I can Spiritshift and give my party superpowered regeneration via Druid spells. When that wears off, I can still contribute value with regular Priest healing spells. The Priest spells are not affected by the Lifegiver post Spiritshift malus as that penalty applies only to Rejuvenation spells, and most (all?) Priest spells are tagged as Restoration.


It's a very good heal bot. Not quite as effective at buffing as a pure Priest, but it can keep party members on their feet all day, especially with the Spine Of Thicket Green.


The damage isn't that bad either. Once you grab your core heal spells you can branch out and grab a few damage spells if you want. Things like Touch of Rot, Shining Beacon, etc can give you some dps options once you've finished casting your regen spells. That said this guy is a healer so most of his time is spent providing direct heals or heal over time spells. I've invested less time taking the Priest buffing spells (apart from Devotions) since I can bring Xoti for that. And also because this guy only has so many actions in a round. 


Anyways it's a fun little build. Amazing heal bot. I have beat the game with a pure Priest of Eothas as well though and pure Priests are plenty strong.

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It's a tough call, which is good because it shows the many fun options in builds.  But for my first complete playthrough, I'd like to focus on story and the role I wish to play - so I'm going with single class Priest of Eothas.  Also wanting to cast the top tier spells was another influence.  It will also make me more interested in building my companions well as my MC will be buffing and supporting them primarily.  A protagonist who acts like the general or glue in the team, who has a way with words and a mind for peace, renewal and protection.

Thanks for the feedback!

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"If you would, you could become all flame" - Abba Joseph of the Desert Fathers.



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