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Does PoE2 have more options to lower graphic settings?

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Hi fans!


I am a bit uncertain whether my laptop will run PoE2. As the first PoE didn't have much options to lower graphic settings I wonder what experiences did you have in the beta concerning the performance and system requirements.


I have a Dell XPS 13 9360 laptop with 16gb ram, Intel Core i7 8550U and Intel UHD Graphics 620.

Do you think Poe2 will run fine on this setup and if not - are there options to lower the graphics to play at a good FPS rate?


Thanks in advance!


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There were performance issues with earlier beta's there seems to be a lot of improvement on the 4th. Can you play the PoE1 on your laptop? If the answer is yes then chances are that you can play deadfire.


I am trying to figure out a similar question but my laptop has a significantly better GPU than yours however not anywhere near the desktop GPU I played the first game on (GTX 960).

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yes I can play poe 1 on this laptop. only thing that frightens me are the better visuals in poe 2 ;) look amazing but I hope they won't screw my fps. any other thoughts on poe 2 on the forementioned laptop setup?

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The game actually runs better than PoE due to optimizations. VFX still tank frame rate but not as badly IME (still too much, though.)


If you could run PoE, chances are you’ll be able to run Deadfire.

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In the backer beta there was not many (if any) graphics options but im sure that in the full game you will be able to drastically lower the settings. In the beta the water physics/looks are incredible however that will definitely wreck your performance on low end machines, so im sure they will have plenty of options to optimize.

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