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"Spiritual Successor" - Modding Tool - Released!

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I still can't edit the abilities bundle in the editor, when I make changes in that bundle the export window still says "You have not modified anything yet".


I've been having this problem as well.


Also, would anyone know if it's currently possible to modify backstab so that it scales with level the way sneak attack does? There seems to be two status effects active on sneak attack but I have no idea how you would adapt those over to another passive ability and predict damage values.

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Love this modding tool! Thank you for your time developing it. I have found, though, in my experience it doesn't deal with decimal amounts at all. If I'm editing an ability or status effect with a BaseValue of, say, 0.5 and I change it to 0.25, the export result drops the decimal amount and leaves me with just the 0. Of course this is easily corrected in the resulting .gamedatabundle file using Notepad++, it's just annoying. I have also changed an ability that was 1.5 to 1.2 and, again, it dropped the decimal amount and left me with just the 1. I've tested this in multiple browsers and it's always the same result.


Speaking of browsers, the "Export to file" button does not work in Firefox 60.0.2, so when I use the app I load it up in Chrome. Just letting you know.


Again, thank you for all the work on this. You rock.

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