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How do you feel about skimpy PC's? Do you play them, or avoid them?

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I usually play a thief so it tends to be low-key, fairly minimalistic stuff. Not "Hey everyone, I'm a thief" stuff, but civilian kinda stuff. Like just about anyone, I still like to be pretty of course, but not so much about the hourglass shape.


Besides, being a thief, I find all the bikini armour is heavy armour and I couldn't equip any of it even if I wanted to. :p


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Not usually, I'll try to dress them up to match the class fantasy, so to speak.  But for the most part my PCs are boring to behold.

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I usually try to make my player character look as gay as possible.


I wonder what that says about me..

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If I get the chance, my character always looks like Sean Connery as Ramirez from the movie Highlander.

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I avoid 'skimpy' and hypersexualised characters like the plague. Characters can be attractive, sure, but in most contexts I find it ridiculous to walking into battle looking sexy.

I beg to differ, I recall Hella walking into battle all sexy, also Eva Green in 300 Rise Of An Empire. It intimidates enemies in game, a.i usually senses confidence and fears it, seems to work the way same way in movies for whatever reason.

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I want my PC to look like they belong in the setting. Otherwise I disconnect form the story and go play Stellaris or something. I play both female and male PCs and usually make the PC around a concept or idea of who they are and where they came from. But things like the skimpy bikini armor mods in Skyrim for example is a non-starter with me. It looks cold in Skyrim, no one is wearing that. Like Tarjaxx said, if they PC looks out of place it just kills it for me.

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