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Looking for some scarred characters?

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I edited two for my love of the scars lol.


The druid look-alike, has a similar face that can be used in Deadfire (or at least, I saw it on youtube - face 3!) one eye missing, but both a red string over them. Lips kinda included, if I saw it right. :)


I'm probably gonna do more of these if you guys are interested (and if my edits are decent enough lol.)


Anyhow, you can use these freely of course;


PS: There aren't enough battle scarred women portraits, and It kinda annoyed me lol. xD








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Begs the next question:  What are the stories behind those scars?


Well, it fits into some backgrounds like raider or slave. 


And even if it doesn't fit into the background you chose (or you think it doesn't) you can always use your imagination and kinda expend on it. :))) Make-up what happened. 

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