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Let's pretend for a while that we aren't grown-a** adults, and play a 'who would you be in a fantasy world' like game. 


Make the stats reflect you, add or remove as many as you'd like! 10 always means you're 'average' however. And 20 is the highest score!


Choice of stats;


Might: How strong you are, physically. 

Constitution: How endured you when something hits you + how long you last (I mean...stamina....yeah...)

Dexterity: Balance, Reflex and quickness. 

Perception: How well you notice things, how quick you catch someone in a lie etc. The good stuff!

Intelligence: Logical IQ pretty much. While perception is more of an emotional IQ. Reasoning, logical thing etc. 

Resolve: Bravery, emotional intensity etc. 


Besides the stats, also chose which race fits you most, which background/job (it doesn't have to be in the game) you have or had (you can twist it into a more fantasy setting like work though, if your job doesn't fit in. If you want!!) and also, chose your Deadfire bonuses; Diplomacy, Intimidate, Religion (lore) History (lore) etc.  As well as your personality which fits into PoE word; Clever, Honest, Deceptive, Stoic etc. 



Here's mine;


NAME: Tanja

RACE: Wood Elf 

CLASS: Chipher 











BACKGROUND: Artist/Writer 


BONUSES: +3 insight (Check list here: https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Skills)and add which one/s apply to you most! 


(Also, kinda makes more sense for a Chipher if I may comment, LOL.)




(5 is the highest you can go...0 means...well...0!)


Clever: 5 (As in...witty and funny and irrelevant xDDD)

Passionate: 4

Honest: 3

Benevolent: 2

Aggressive: 1

Deceptive: 1

Diplomatic: 1

Stoic: 0-1 (Very rare for me)

Cruel: 0-1 

Rational: 0-1 (Lol)





.....What about you? xDDD 







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Race: Meadow Human

Origin:  The Living Lands

Class: Fighter


Might  16

Constitution 14

Dexterity 12

Perception 12

Intellect 12 

Resolve: 13


Background: Mercenary


+2 intimidate

+2 Streetwise


Honest: 5

Passionate: 4

Rational: 4

Aggressive: 3

Stoic: 3

Benevolent: 2

Diplomatic: 2

Clever: 2

Cruel: 0

Deceptive: 0

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I was asking myself the same question in DnD.

I had a problem to determine what constitution means.


I run marathons and sometimes even longer races, so I got tons of endurance.

But I am rather thin and I cannot take much beating and I do not have good resistance to poison and such stuff.

Do I have much er little constitution?


NAME: Madscientist

RACE: nerd (unique human subrace)

CLASS: Wizard



might: 12

constitution: 6, I assume running belongs to atletics skill

dexterity: 8

perception: 18

intelligence: 20

resolve: 14



scientist ( bonus for mechanics, arcana, history and metaphysics, penalty for social skills )



Honest: 5

Passionate: 1

Rational: 4

Aggressive: 1

Stoic: 4

Benevolent: 3

Diplomatic: 1

Clever: 1

Cruel: 1

Deceptive: 0

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I tend to try to make characters close to what I'd think my real stats would be in my prime, along with friends that I add to the game.  I tend to try to customize games as much as possible.  Most people would fall in the 8-12 range in the stats imho. 13-16 would be very good. Anything 17+ would be world class.  20 would be the best of the best, so unless you're Einstein or the like, giving yourself 20 INT is a bit much.


NAME: Bendar

RACE: Human



might: 13

constitution: 12

dexterity: 15

perception: 8

intelligence: 12

resolve: 10



Artist +2 Lore



Honest: 4

Passionate: 1

Rational: 3

Aggressive: 3

Stoic: 2

Benevolent: 2

Diplomatic: 3

Clever: 2

Cruel: 1

Deceptive: 0

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I've done this for DnD before. Yeah, I think I put 14 as my highest attribute. Average humans really are pretty average, 16+ would be very impressive and anything putting 18+ is probably lying. 


Name: Let's keep this private

Race: Elf (given a choice, it's always elf)

Class: Wizard


Mig: 13

Con: 11

Dex: 8

Per: 11

Int: 14

Res: 9


Background: Scholar


Clever: 2

Passionate : 2

Honest : 3

Benevolent: 0

Aggressive : 1

Deceptive : 1

Diplomatic : 2

Stoic: 3

Cruel : 1

Rational : 4



Something like that seems pretty accurate.

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