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How would you build the infamous Forgotten Realms Assassin?


For anyone unfamiliar with the character, see here: http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Artemis_Entreri


Which class would you choose? Seems like a Rogue would fit the bill, however he's one of the most feared fighters in Faerun, so maybe a Fighter fits better?

How would you place his stats, and how would you equip him?


His description reads as follows:

"Artemis specialized in a two-weapon fighting style with the use of a dagger and a sword, equaling Drizzt in fighting capability. He generally wielded his jeweled dagger as a main-gauche in his left hand with a sword or saber in his right. He was a tactical master, taking every advantage offered him and seeking to create more. Artemis was also a very fast learner. Even if he observed a particular combat maneuver just once or twice, he was able to adapt it to his choice of weapons and duplicate it effectively in battle (these tended to be Drizzt's maneuvers, since their styles and skill level were so similar). He was also excellent at improvising; he could use his surroundings to excellent effect, when he would otherwise be at a severe disadvantage. Artemis was also a consummate warrior, combining his ambidexterity, thieving training, and warrior's weapon skills to be one of the most dangerous swordsmen in the Realms. Few men indeed could have so repeatedly crossed blades with Drizzt Do'Urden and lived to tell of it.
Later in his life, Artemis was able to see in the dark innately, as a gift from Jarlaxle. Before that, in Menzoberranzan, he had worn a cat's eye circlet to be able to see in the dark."
Signature items included:
Vampiric (life stealing) Jeweled Dagger
Charon's Claw (sentient Wizard slaying sword)
Bolero hat
Cloak (allowed him to fly)
Would it be possible to recreate him in Pillars of Eternity, and how would you go about doing so?
Side note: I thought this would be interesting for people to discuss, and hope it is. If so, would other threads be of interest, for example, maybe Gambit (Marvel Universe), how to build a kinetic, kickboxing mutant? Perhaps a quarterstaff wielding monk, or as Gambit had some mind control powers, maybe somehow a melee cipher? Just wondering...!
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Well, it says he's the most famous ONE ON ONE fighter, not the best at surviving damage nor the best AOE fighter, so I'd kind of discount warrior or barbarian for that reason.


Lifesteal weapons can become really awesome at 1 int, since the healing happens quickly instead of a lame DOT, so a combination of Drawn in Spring and the Ultimate Hat of Alluring Perfection can drop your 3 int minimum to 1 int. would be a great endgame combination.  Make sure to take a wizard with Infuse with Vital essence so your health doesn't go kaput... if you cast it at the very end of combat you keep the health bonus.


However, that requires the Noble weapon focus, so you only have Rapiers and Maces as picks for the other hand.  Even soulbound can't help you, since the two one-handed ones is another dagger and a mace... although the mace, Nightshroud, has a chance to blind and a chance for finishing blow, which would match his propensity for creating weaknesses.  Bad thing is you can't duganize a soulbound weapon, good thing is that taking the deathblows talent is often lame because it's 2/rest.


However, if you were willing to make the opposite choice:  Make the mainhand weapon the vampiric one, then you go with Purgatory (lifesteal AND annihilation!!!) and the unlabored blade in the offhand.


Your early game choice would be the combination of March Steel Dagger and the Sword of Daenysis(since they are both noble focus), because they both have speed multipliers and you can compensate with vulnerable attack.



For your Gambit idea, I'd go with either a monk or blasting wizard with the quarterstaff/pike spells.  The monk would be a scroll caster as needed, because turning wheel increases scroll damage, and scroll use would mimic his ability to throw charged cards at the enemy.  For the monk, I'd go with a long pain build (int/str helps the scrolls too!) as I'm not a big fan of reach weapons on a class that needs to take damage to function.  Although his staff is iconic, Gambit also has notable hand-to-hand skills.


The wizard's stat setup for blasting isn't all that different from a reach weapon wizard's stats and the staff/pike spells are level 1 and 5, which don't really interfere with the spell levels for a good blast wizard.  The downside is choosing which of the two (ranged or melee) to allocate perks to.

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Lifesteal weapons can become really awesome at 1 int, since the healing happens quickly instead of a lame DOT, so a combination of Drawn in Spring and the Ultimate Hat of Alluring Perfection can drop your 3 int minimum to 1 int. would be a great endgame combination.

You confused wounding and draining. :)


Drawn in Spring (dagger) has wounding. It's influenced by MIG and the DoT gets applied faster with lower INT. It doesn't heal.


Oidreacht (Stiletto) has draining. Draining is influenced by MIG and always heals instantly. INT has no effect.




Soulbound weapons as well as summoned weapons are universal, yes. Any Weapon Focus works. Priests' special weapon talents (Hope Eternal, Prey on the Weak and so on), too.

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I thought soulbound weapons were universal, so any weapon focus would benefit them?

Yes, they are.  Dagger, scimitar and sword all belong to different weapon groups, so if you intend to use them specifically, one of them HAS to be soulbound.  So you have to give up EITHER lifesteal OR your preferred weapon setup.  That was the problem I was trying to help with.


Mea culpa on the wounding/draining difference.  Thanks for the assist, Boereer.

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No problem - can't count the mistakes I make all the time.  ;)


Combos that somewhat fit and are in the same weapon focus group are:


- Sabre (like Purgatory - draining an annihilating) & Stiletto (like Oidreacht - draining)

- Rapier (like Spelltonuge - removes buffs on targets, speeds you up, prolongs your own buffs) & Dagger (like Drawn in Spring - wounding)


Maybe add the Grey Sleeper? It's not really sentient but seems to have some kind of soul or houses souls/spirits or something and also works with every weapon focus (since it's soulbound).


That's all I can think of. 

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I actually have a similar question with this build, but mine is more; what stat builds are most effective, while ensuring I get the most out of the game story wise (1st playthrough).

I have no clue where any of these specific weapons you mention are found, so I'd be using whatever weapons I found or bought. 

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