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I felt like sharing my favourite characters, and would love to see your best one as well!


(This one's almost straight from the dark side lol. But she's honest about it... xD)




CLASS: Barbarian (Will also be druid in Deadfire. multi-classing FTW! )


PERSONALITY: Aggressive, Cruel, Honest, Passionate.






She was pretty much raised by a group of bandits. Her real father is unknown and her mother abandon her, leaving her with her aggressive stepfather when she was of an early age. Despite the hardships, she found comfort in nature, and wile observing the animals and their wild, untamed nature, she came to respect them, as well as respect what they stand for; - the weaker is always destined to get chewed up by the stronger. 


That is still her mentality. 


She killed her step father at the age of fourteen, then joined the very group of bandits that theorized her home town. Together they took whatever they wanted to, went where they wanted, and most importantly ; - did what they wanted. She was free to test her own strength, and free to take everything the weaker ones had - lives included. 


LOVES: Money, wild nights with other wild women (if you know what I mean XD), strength and power, wild animals/beats, straightforwardness, bravery. 

HATES: Random acts of mercy, pity, comfort, cowards and liars. 




*After killing the man who asked her to poison the child in face to face combat, she then decided to take the baby with her and raise her as a warrior. 


*She strengthened the dyrwoodens, following Gallawain. 



So...what about the best character you made? :D 













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Great portrait btw ^^

It's my favourite! :D 


So many times I spent a whole day looking for the right portrait, but for this character the dlc one fits perfectly! :DDD I mean, I did mess around a bit and made her hair leaning towards red a bit, and changed eye colour but still! XD 

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