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All you need to do is crop it and copy it into PC portrait folder. Dimensions are the same as PoE1 so You should be able to do that here:



The bigger issue is matching water painted portraits style. In this thread some nice people with photoshop skills were helping others with that. Once you have portrait you want a water painted version of you can post it there and hope for the best.



There are plenty of portraits there aleady. You might find something to your liking.

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They should more or less. PoE1 required 2 version of portraits: large and small ones. Those are still in deadfire:

dosD3Ag.png PXzQcmS.png

However, in addition it also uses a third type of portrait for scripted interactions: 


The 3rd one has the same size and format as the small portrait, so it is entirely possible that it will use small portrait, if waterpainted one isn't available. If not it is as simple as making another copy under a different name.


EDIT: Yup, just tested it: created a custom portrait using editor to which link I sent you later, and copied my mug into Deadfire player portrait folder. It accepted it without an issue and used the smaller portrait instead of the waterpainted one.

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