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Does anyone else get the feeling that deadfire is more goofy and gimmicky then pillars

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I'd rather have Pillars' dull humor over crap like Fallout 2 or Divinity Original Sin.


What was wrong with Fallout 2?


Also, on the topic of the tone of PoE in general, I don't think a more lighthearted approach is bad by itself, much like a grimdark atmosphere isn't automatically a positive quality. The way I see it, it's like every other aspect of a game in the sense that it's just a component that needs to be done (or in this case, written) right, and since humor is extremely subjective, it's much easier to get repulsed by a dud.


So, I guess what I'm ultimately trying to say is that as long as it's not full-on poop jokes, I'll be fine with it.


Probably map events like "unwashed villagers hunting a spammer". But Fallout 2 is one of the best games ever.

Done this with Moon Godlike Wizard


Perebor steam

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It definitely doesn't feel "goofy" but perhaps a little lighter, which is fine by me. So many things today are so dark, dark, dark, and depressing. I'm fine with some humor and optimism. In fact, one of the things I truly enjoy about the Divinity Original Sin games is the humor thrown in.


With regard to D&D being all dark and serious, have you ever watched the PAX D&D sessions??? Dude. They are a must watch for any role playing geek.

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I for one am getting a bit weary of constant attempts from fiction to be "dark, serious and mature", which usually translates into "everyone's a douchebag, nothing you do matters, there is no light on the end of the tunnel and your puppy has cancer". And I think that, yes Pillars of Eternity fell hard into that trap. Some say the game lacked humor - and while that may be the case, for me it lacked... empathy? Warmth? Everything in the game was cold and cerebral to the point of off-putting. I constantly hear stories about soulless children and I don't care, beacuse the game doesn't seem to care.  What I would like to see in Deadfire is maybe not so much more humor, but more... humanity, I guess. I always like to compare PoE's story with Witcher 3 story (beacuse I'm evil like that) - that game was also supposedly very dark and bleak, but it had this silver lining of optimism that despite all this nonsense that's going on around us, things might get better in the end. One minute you see people being burned alive at the stake and another you're being invited to a wedding where everyone is having a great time - and you realise, that everything will be alright and we can still have joy despite misery. I think Pillars of Eternity lacked that and I would like to see Deadfire to take more of an optimistic and empathic route.

So yeah, those are my three cents - pointless as they might be.

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Despite the whole soulless baby plot-line. I didn't find Pillars to be especially grim-dark, and there was ample amounts of dry whit. Some characters were certainly more humorous The humor a lot of the times depending on the dialogue options you went for. If something was bothering someone and you took an option that gave them a new way of thinking, they'd perk up a bit and laugh at their situation. Seeing as the characters had real practical problems, it was nice to see humor was often relevant and existential to those where the character was. There was plenty of reactivity over the tone based on how the watcher was played. I'd like to see a repeat of that personally. Also the random remarks your party would make about the world and npcs tended towards a kind of humor with more levity and bite.


I just don't see how Pillars 1 is too depressing when most of the time you are wading against that depressing flow, making the world better even if you choose to be an **** while doing it.

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