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That's a bit like asking if it's better to buy an adjustable wrench or a nail clipper. :)


It depends on what you want to do. Please give us some more background infos on your character and how you want to play him and I'm sure we can give better advice.

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You forgot that one-handed weapon use gives +12 ACC to chants (and some invocations as well). So for a purely offensive chanter - even if he only does damage with his chants - one-handed style can be good.

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I didn't forget that... I never knew it in the first place.  Seems odd that 1h bonus would affect chants but not spells.  Does the hit to crit conversion from the one-handed talent also affect offensive chants?  


In fact, I was just now trying a new run and figuring out how I wanted to outfit Kana this time.  Wonder which one-handed weapon would be best to keep him alive?

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Hehe. :)


No, the style itself (hit-to-crit conversion) only affects the weapon attacks.


Best tactic for a Dragon Thrashed Chanter in a party: max PER, max MIG, max INT, one handed weapon with some nice sideeffect (like a spellbinds or whatever). Buff ACC with items and buffs as much as possible, also INT and MIG. Also bring a priest and choose Withdraw as first Spell Mastery.


Walk into the fray chanting Dragon Trashed, cast Withdraw on him and you have a high ACC/damage, invincible totem that can block doorways, block dragon paths and whatnot while chanting away while withdrawn.


Also works with other phrases of course - like Soft Winds right from lvl 1 on.


Chanters are a cheesefest. ;)

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What exactly increases accuracy with chants? Can someone please fill the gaps:

- Perception: yes
- Fighting style - One-handed: yes
- Equipment - Gauntlets of Accuracy (+ACC): ???
- Equipment - Blackwarden's Breast (Aura of the Hunt = +ACC vs. creature type): ???
- Weapon - Type Bonus (Club, Dagger, Rapier, Spear): ???
- Weapon - Quality Enchantment (+ACC): ???
- Weapon - Slaying Enchantment (+ACC vs. creature type): ???
- Weapon - Coordinating Enchantment (+ACC when attacking same target as an ally): ???
- Weapon - Valiant Enchantment (+ACC when below 50% endurance): ???
- Talent - Weapon Focus: ???
- Talent - Gallant's Focus: ???
- Talent - Flick of the Wrist: ???
- Survival Resting Bonus (+ACC vs. creature type): ???

I play a solo chanter aiming for "The Ultimate" achievement. I finished Act II, Od Nua (except the dragon), White March Part I (except the dragon) and Crägholdt (already killed Concelhaut). I want to clarify this before trying to do the dragons.

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Gauntlets: yes


Blackwarden's Breast: yes


Weapon: all mentioned no


Talents: all mentioned no


Gallant's Focus: yes


Survival: don't know for sure anymore, but I guess no.


Slay the Beast chant: yes

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