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I would hope we'll see some changes in the next beta update, but probably not. Despite a lot of discussion on the topic, I'm not sure if the devs have really acknowledged this particular issue at all as it's small potatoes compared to other more integral core combat balancing issues.


Currently the Weapon Proficiency system and Modals, for me, are excessive and too punitive without much payoff, respectively. It's simply not an interesting or worthwhile system. 


There are very few players who will actively want to take a proficiency in 8 different weapons, after level 4 most players will likely have selected their 3 main weapon types they'll likely use for the remainder of the game, leaving the remaining 5 times they get to choose a proficiency rather meaningless. It would make a lot more sense to have each Proficiency have ~3 ranks to it, with Ranks 2 and 3 working as upgrades to reduce the Malice of the Modal and increase the benefits of the Modal, respectively. This would give players the option of investing in weapons how they like, as heavily or broadly as they wish, and in making the modals for those who want them more useful. And they wouldn't have to change anything in the leveling or distribution of proficiency points and only minor changes to the Modals to account for the two new ranks affecting them. 

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