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Am I missing something, or is Gyrd Háewanes Sténes pretty impractical for a druid? I gave it to my MC druid this time, instead of letting Aloth have it. But while it's a nice enough weapon, I'm just not seeing much use in the restore spiritshift function. It means I have to spiritshift early, then go back to ranged attacks and have a chance to get it back... except by that time, the battle may well be over.

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Personally I prefer using it for a spiritshift druid. It's the ONLY way in the game that you can get a second use of the spiritshift ability in a single encounter. Granted, most encounters end before the expiration period for a single spiritshift, but it's very useful for longer battles. Typically I open with a spell or two, perhaps a defensive buff and returning or relentless storm, and then shift. If the battle's still raging, you can switch to Gyrd, and since the proc rate for restore spiritshift is 20%, you typically do not need to wait long before you can shift and wade into battle again. This is the only good use for Gyrd, IMO. There are better wands/rods/scepters for blaster wizards, and priests are better off buffing and then wading into melee.

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