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Question on Linux/POE/Development Platform

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Hi, this is one of my first times posting. I am thinking about switching to Linux from Windows because I am totally fed up with Windows. My computer has an AMD 8350, a sabertooth motherboard, a gtx 980 ti, and a fancy NIC. Has anyone done the switch with POE, or anyone in the beta done the switch? Did QA take a good look at it? How would you characterize the difference between bugs filed for linux and bugs filed for windows? :-)


Is there a distro that is good for both software development and gaming? I am starting a PhD in computer science focusing on graphics development and visualization in the Fall, so I need it to work for both gaming and development.


I am so excited for this game!

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I'm using Ubuntu for work and my computer has an Intel i7-7700K and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 - and both PoE and also the beta of Deadfire run as good as on Win 10 (which I also have). Before that I played PoE on an old laptop also running Ubuntu with a Nvidia 555 M and it also worked (with lowest settings).


Only thing with PoE is: no visible capes. The plugin for capes in PoE doesn't work on Linux. In Deadfire that problem is solved.


Ubuntu will give you no troubles on all machines that are not too new (like yours). Certain USB-hardware like WLAN-sticks or printers can give you trouble nonetheless because there may be no fitting drivers. It's all solvable with a bit of googling and the terminal though. Usually most stuff just runs out of the box.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Interesting topic. Just a couple of weeks ago I was thinking about going dual-boot and using mainly Linux but it ended up "badly" (the bootloader wouldn't install), I'm surely going to try again shortly though.


I'm not completely new to Linux but I'm still pretty noob, I have experience with programming but again I'm no professional.


Since you all use Linux daily I have a couple of questions if you are kind enough to help me.


- Should I choose a more user friendly distro? Which one? Something with deb package support? I was planning on installing Mint since I found it a little more intuitive than Ubuntu while still being similar with a lot of documentation online.


- The savegame files of PoE 1/2 are incompatible between OS? Can't I copy and load them in windows version?


- Is advisable to mount /home on another partition? What happens if I change distro? Should I format it in that case or being made only of data files means is "portable" between different versions of the same distro/other distros?

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