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Please ... Please ... Please produce Traveller

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Is there any hope that Obsidian could contract with Marc Miller to release a modern Windows-based cRPG implementation of Traveller?


There is an extravagance of resource materials to draw from for ideas as Traveller has been around for almost four decades now and has been under constant development.   I have always loved SciFi cRPGs but they were always in short supply compared to the Fantasy cRPGs.    Two DOS-based implementations of Traveller were released through Paragon back in the day.  Nothing commercial has been done with it since in the computer arena.  A modern implementation with tools to craft additional adventures and add-ons would be wonderful.

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While I love your enthusiasm and wishful thinking, I do not think Obsidian is in any position to do such a product.


Perhaps in a couple years, this may change and they may be able to take more load.


I, too, would love this idea!


By the way, welcome to the forums!

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