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Pathfinder Update 1.2.9 Rise of the Goblins Deck 2

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Hail and well met Adventurers! 


Today we will be releasing Update 1.2.9 Rise of the Goblins Deck 2! Here are the update notes and what to expect once the update goes live. If you'd like to know more information on the Update and some Pathfinder News, please head over to our blog by Producer Flounder himself!


The Goblin Cannibal


Upon returning to the tribe after successfully launching an attack on Sandpoint the Anti-heroes find that the tribe is being subverted by a traitor.


The source of these evil words will lead the group to new locations, treasures, and eventually to a legendary Goblin witch.


Rise of the Goblins Deck 2 - The Goblin Cannibal contains:

  • New Goblin Character: Tup the Terrible
  • 5 New Scenarios
  • 20+ new cards



**Requires Goblin Deck 1 "Burn Everythings!" to be owned and completed on Normal Difficulty to be played**



Bug Fixes

So, here are the things that we took to fixing since


Progression Breaks

  • Lock layouts  so that the player cannot open the discard/character decks on top of the examine tray
  • Fixed Reporting of multiple game session ends when a user quits or forfeits
  • Force a state change to the current state (start turn) after survivalist character power ends
  • Fixed an event was declaring stateful then not advancing the state because it became invalid during the cycle
  • Fixed an issue where the game sometimes crashed when evaluating a card filter (oddly not 100% reproducible)
  • Post act events were sometimes stuck in the roll state because the state was not advanced
  • Licktoad camp map intro was sometimes crashing due to a missing audio source reference
  • Card filter serialization error was breaking some old save games



  • Moved power description mask to the left a little to keep edge from appearing faded.
  • Moved copied vfx to work better in both 4:3 and 16:9, all lined up
  • Added tooltip for locations (e.g. Temple)
  • Shortened the difficulty vfx poof, pops in faster and fades out sooner
  • Fixed Unicode characters from not saving correctly
  • Fixed continue button in offline mode
  • Fixed Unicode characters from not saving correctly
  • Fixed some sorting errors in the enemies 'win', slash is on top with a new added bokeh effect
  • Updated poison vfx to run more efficiently and look smoother
  • More blunt vfx updates for hitting the enemy
  • Updated blunt weapon effects for melee/ranged (player taking damage)
  • Realigned 'Continue' button on Villain fanfare (moved up too high)
  • Fitted the roles text in the box vertically as well as horizontally
  • Added an informational popup when a scenario power fires at the start of a turn and shades the screen
  • Enlarged scenario helper text for mobile
  • Fixed some difficulty panel sorting issues on phone (sorted forward a little)
  • Location power cure: no longer play any heal animations when there are no cards to heal
  • Refreshed the roster panel on the party creation screen, when characters were in the party at startup
  • Added pips to the scenario list items displayed on the adventure screen
  • On the adventure screen, lock all adventure buttons on phones when the scenario panel is down
  • Increased blessing icon art from 25% to 36% to see it better in that tiny circle on the card decoration
  • Hooked up a long forgotten custom hilite for the scenario power button on phones
  • Improved card layout examine tray animations
  • Removed dice label fade during refresh because it caused blinking text
  • Added tutorial commands to expand/collapse the location panel (used on phones during tutorial #3)
  • Added a decoration to cards which copy blessings; moved the "copy blessings" button
  • Fixed characters not showing up due to not removing deleted characters
  • Properly display character nickname on character sheets
  • Force the ios/android keyboard into secure mode during the asmodee password login
  • We now account for unicode characters when auto-generating nicknames during conflicts



  • Vault character nickname data is now written as unicode bytes


Game Play

  • Zuvuzeg now grants an extra explore after the player has used one explore
  • After closing the examine layout sometimes a card back was displayed in the explore position
  • A card power which modified difficulty sometimes "lost" the card so it was never processed into a deck after play
  • Added the magic trait when summoning a monster via Summon Monster boon
  • Fixed recharge/discard character powers not being marked as active so it was never disabled
  • Map move ignoring move restrictions only worked when multiple targets were involved
  • Before act damage which skipped the player had dice applied twice (double damage)
  • Fixed issues with  damage reduction effects not being applied during global damage iterators
  • Fixed an issue with card power effect boost not deactivating so the effect was never removed when canceling a card
  • When boosting a combat check, sometimes the dice/check was not refreshed
  • Summon monster card disposed itself without invoking the card's OnPlayed event
  • Added combat state power condition to Merisiel's "Trinket Hunter" character powers
  • Orb of Storms is now buried after failing recharge check
  • Damage state now accounts for cards already discarded (by other characters)
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This update looks great!


I'd LOVE to get my hands on it, but for that to happen - I need to ask my usual question - is there any ETA on the game arriving on GOG?  Those tentative plans that you described for Switch sound like they can easily apply to GOG as well (i.e. - they'll fit theyir "No DRM" policy) -unless I'm missing something?

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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I need to ask my usual question - is there any ETA on the game arriving on GOG?

 The last update on gog was this.

Nope, no GoG.    We actually had it ready and in a depot ready to go at the same time as Steam but having an online feature (whether it is used or not) wasn't allowed.

Seems like it's off the table for the time being. :(
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