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As far as i can see   only yours(players character )  skills  matter. So whats the point  spending points on skills  for other party members? Example: Neeshka  has 15 Appraise    and  my character  1  . Neeshka skill  does not count nor stack to mine . Did i miss something?   i am replaying nwn2 after 7 years  so i might be wrong :)

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As you have noticed, certain do not do anything for you companions,  such as Diplomacy and Intimidate. They only benefit from Bluff if they have the Feint feat.  Otherwise the communication skills are only of value to the main character.  You probably have noticed that whenever approach someone outside your party for a conversation, no matter which team member you use, it always defaults back to the main character. Now once you initiate a conversation with a shopkeeper and bring up their inventory, you can change to a different character to actually conduct transactions if you wish.  So in that case Appraise might have some application to your other characters, like Neeshka.  At Crossroads Keep I usually purchase items with my main character and sell items using a different character as they can get more for the items than I can due to my excessively high Appraise skill level.

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