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Fighter's Tale: Valeros - Loot cards issue





I have completed the Valeros storyline this week-end in all difficulty mode (including Legendary mode), but i never received the Valeros's Loot cards (the yellow ones).


I played on masOS (10.13) (Steam)



I paid attention to always have the welcome screen (my main account is link to my iPad version).


Party members : Valeros, Amiri, Seelah (existing caracters that already fullfiled Rise of the Runelord campaign)

Activated runes : Rune of wealth II, Rune of savaging II (in legendary mode), Rune of shielding II (in legendary mode)


In Normal mode i well received the gold (x2 by the rune), in Heroic mode i received the Treasure chests, in Legendary mode, i received some gold, but never any Loot cards (the yellow ones for Valeros), nor the party reward (that should be 10000 with the rune still active).


The adventure is currently marked as completed (under macOS version as on iPad version), but honnestly, i mainly did it for the loot cards and after such tough fights (i hate kobolds now), not having the loot is a little bit disapointing.


Thanks for your attention guys and please unlock the loot cards. Valeros can't live without the Farmer's daughter in his deck after rescued her from kobolds. ;(

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Email support. They’ll get you sorted out (tomorrow is a holiday so it might be Tuesday or Wednesday before you get a response).

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