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Neverwinter Nights 3?


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Anything new is likely to come from Beamdog: they're working on an Enhanced Edition of the original NWN, and I would expect them to look at NWN2 if they can get the rights and source code. I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to release some new content (probably not an entirely new game, though) as part of those projects.

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NWN2 was an Obsidian game and it is not likely that Beamdog will ever do anything with it or be able to justify the investment. Their people worked on the original and are intimately familiar with the technology but did not work on the sequel and are unfamiliar with it.


If there's an NWN3 it might be done by many companies including Beamdog but if there is an NWN2 remaster it is most likely to be done by Obsidian.

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I'm not sure we'll ever see games like NWN and NWN2 again that somewhat closely implement the D&D ruleset and are highly mod-able. Plus there's the licensing terms that would need to be agreed upon.

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When I pre-ordered BG3, it was for two reasons: Monks (currently none in sight - boo), but chiefly, I got it to show that there is a market for older game franchises like NWN. Some tabletop simulators are getting closer to NWN's functionality, but are pushing turn-based only gameplay. I believe that turn-based movement and actions slow things down too much unless you are rolling initiative or doing something that requires everyone to make a decision and that's easily solved by letting the DM (or perhaps anyone) pause the game.

It's all just wishful thinking, but I'd love it if Obsidian had a VTT that was a lot like NWN, perhaps entitled "Endless Nights." It would have multiple rulesets that could be plugged in (D&D, Pathfinder, Pillars of Eternity, Warhammer FRP, Cyberpunk, ATOM RPG, Dead.Winter) - each set about the price of a core rules book or two - and tilesets, 3D maps and modules and 3D character creation. Perhaps even a world generator that simply awaits a DM's touch within the creation kit to truly bring it to life. In all seriousness, tabletop role-playing games are expensive when considering the books, the figures, the paints, the dice, the maps, the 3D terrain if that's your bag along with setup and breakdown time. What I'm trying to say is that we already have an expansion/DLC and microtransaction mindset. Additionally, if they released modules that didn't require a DM, I'd have twelve people ready to buy it right now - sight unseen. It's important to note that getting a role-playing campaign group together is like herding cats, and finding a DM among them is like discovering one of them can use its claws to let itself outside and fill the bratty neighbor's kid's sandbox with Almond Roca.

Honestly, I can't wait to give Obsidian my money for Avowed, too! I just wish it were available next month, so I could dig in while recuperating from surgery.

P.S. After reading this over, I feel like I'm almost describing an MMORPG with that DM-free gameplay. I am not. MMORPGs are meant to waste time with very little progress each session and near-impossible odds of getting good items for your character - which is more important than your character's actual development. Yuck. I did love the GM events and playing with family, friends and friends I'd only just met. If we had a new NWN or something better, I'd forget all about MMORPGs though. One group against the world without grief from the opportunistic people I deal with in real life is all I ask.

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