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Max res, end, and perc, averege might, dump dex, 12 starting int





I'm starting this character, so I plan to post updates here, to see how this plays in group (no solo)

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Well, Attributes alone don't make a character build and are arguably not all that important. That said, with a group you definitely don't need high resolve (in fact you don't need it in solo either) and arguably Might and Intellect are the most important attributes for a Chanter.


However pretty much any build can beat PotD with a group so go with whatever you enjoy.

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Like Jerek said with good group synergy attributes don’t really matter you will just be less efficient if you make a good build. Chanters, Paladins and Priests I think all fall in the Might and Int are most important category. They are all leader type classes so makes sense.

Have gun will travel.

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I don't really get the link, I don't see a build there, just somebody posted he did Ultimate with chanter?

(The easiest class to do it)

As for attributes resolve and dexterity are not that great on a chanter, but honestly as long as you max might and intelligence the rest is up to personal preference.

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Max MIG, max INT, good PER. Items with +INT and +MIG, a hatchet, a small shield, plate armor, an overseeing item, Voice of the Mountaintop, Dragon Thrashed and you're ready to go.


Or max DEX, max INT, good PER, light armor, short phrases and chain Killers Froze Stiff to paralyze-lock whole groups of enemies. Works nice with dual wielding annihilating weapons.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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