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From a roleplay perspective, which background do you think fits the most for a wizard? I would like to play a human, preferably meadow folk, but i don't know if meadow folks live in the ixamitl plains, maybe those from readceras? What about scientists? Alchemy sounds more like a science, but every scientist in the pillars world, including Animancers, are usually wizards. Probably 90% of animancers/scholars/watchers in the game are Wizards and the rest Ciphers/Priests.

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Of the available backgrounds, Meadow Folks are most likely to be from the Aedyr. That said I don't think any background would exclude Meadow Folk from a role-play perspective (the closest would be the White that Wends, which is almost exclusively populated with Pale Elves), though some choices would need a more elaborate backstory I think (for Rauatai for example, things like Merchant would make more sense than Aristocrat for a human I'd think).


I believe that Savannah Folk are more common in Ixamitl than Meadow Folk, but I would expect there to be significant minorities of both Meadow and Ocean Folk there as well so I don't think it would be a major issue from an RP perspective.


As for backgrounds, I rather like Scientist for Wizards as most the Wizards you meet in Pillars seem to be more researcher than mystic (though that might be a reflection on the Dyrwood). To be a Scientist you have to be from the Living Lands, but the Living Lands is one of the areas where I feel Meadow Folk fit perfectly well.


As a side note, your background doesn't necessarily have to relate to your Wizardry. For example you might have been both a Wizard and a Colonist.

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To add to JerekKruger's great answer, you could go for one of the more unique backgrounds (Scientist as you both have said, or Mystic/Clergyman/Philosopher). I think most of these jobs can be considered vocational and therefore you could be drawn to them and to that particular region from any race IMHO.

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