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Cannot disable Expert Mode, please help! [PS4]



Hi there!

So I started up Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition on PS4, I created an elf character, selected Expert Mode, and was playing as her for a bit when I noticed some unpleasant differences compared to my other character, and checked out the options to see exactly what was different.

Upon realizing that Expert Mode disables the ability to see what reputation changes happen depending on dialogue choice, I wanted to disable it!
The problem, is that I can find aaaaabsolutely no way to do so.

I cannot press the 'Expert Mode' button, pressing any button while over the 'Expert Mode' button does zilch, restarting the game does not help, trying to tick the different "helper" features does nothing, changing the difficulty does nothing, etc.


Can anybody PLEASE help? I was under the impression you could DISable it, but could not ENable it!

Am I just being stupid?

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I have to correct me: you can disable Expert Mode once. Actually I never did this during a playthrough, so I missed this entirely. :)


So now - in my game (Ubuntu 17.10 and also Windows 10) I can disable Expert mode during the playthrough. But I can't reenable it if I did so. Just like the description said.


I tested this on Hard mode and PotD difficulty. I didn't try the combination with Trial of Iron though.


So, I guess it's a bug with the PS4 version. Please note that Obsidian has not much to do with the console versions of PoE (I know, confusing). Those where done by Paradox Interactive (the publisher of PoE PC version) on their own initiative.


They have their own subforum for bug reports: Paradox Interactive: PoE Bugs (console version)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Yes, you are stupid. When you choosing Expert Mode, you can see a caution: "This option is selected when you start a new game. It cannot be enabled in game and, if disabled, cannot re-enabled in that game".

Try to read some ingame tips before click random buttons.

God bless you're not president of USA)) I imagine: you pressing the BIG RED BUTTON and then "ouch...what were is that? Can i restart this game?" ;)

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Really? That seems so odd... You seem like you know what you'd be talking about though. (And thank you for not being rude)

There are numerous threads and comments here, and elsewhere, where they seem to say that it can be disabled (but not "re-enabled") if you untick it in-game.




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