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Does two weapons style still work with dual fists or have they fixed it yet. Two weapon style says it gives attack speed increase when a weapon is equipped in each hand but with fists there is no weapons so it shouldn't work right and if it does its a bug?

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It is working as intended. And that is: fists do get the bonus. It's not a bug and not an oversight, but working correctly.


Don't mind the somewhat misleading description of Two Weapon Style. In fact you should take all descriptions concerning game mechanics with a grain of salt. The game got patched a lot and the descriptions seldomly got updated properly. Also things like Wounding "Shot" or Stunning "Shots" work in melee or Psychic Backlash says it procs 1/encounter while in-game it really procs unlimited times per encounter.


Fists are considered to be "unarmed weapons". You can also see this when looking up "Weapon" Focus Peasant. Fists aka unarmed is included there as well and get +6 accuracy.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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