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"Prayer for..." spells cannot target Charmed party members



1. Start a new game.

2. Make sure you take "Prayer for the Spirit" as one of your Priest's spells at level up.

3. Leave Tikawara and head toward the north-east of the isle, where the encounter against the dank spores is.

4. Wait for one of your party members to be Charmed.

5. Try to counter the Charm with "Prayer for the Spirit", which bestows "Smart", an Intellect Inspiration (should counter Charm, which is an Intellect Affliction.)

6. Observe that you cannot target Charmed party members with the spell.


I doubt this is intended as it goes against the whole "Inspirations counter Afflictions and vice versa" concept that has been advertised as a thing in Deadfire.

Edited by AndreaColombo

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