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Pillars of Eternity now translated in Brazilian Portuguese

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Dear community,
Finally, the fan translation for Pillars of Eternity has been released by translation brazilian community "Tribo Gamer".
I was wating for years to finally buy Pillars so I can enjoy the game in my native language, and I can confirm the translation is just fantastic.
Tribo Gamer has a history of superb fan translations of MANY PC Games, and even CD Project Red made a deal with them to release a translation for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition (already released).
They translated Pillars of Eternity main game, and also have plans to translate the expansions. Good news for all speakers of Portuguese around the world, who can now buy this incredible game and enjoy it in their native language.

Some screenshots:


pillars_br.png  yl_EBz_Z8.jpg


Quy2i_Sc.jpg  r_POl_J2_J.jpg
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