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Able To Pick 3 Abilities At New Power Level (Multiclass)



At level 4 i accidentally managed to pick 3 abilities instead of 2.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Enter level up and get to abilities section

2. Pick first ability and click next (stays on same page and refunds 1 point)

3. Pick second ability and click next (jumps to second ability page)

4. Pick ability and click next 


You should now have 3 abilities


Playing on MacOS


Edited by Drum_Warrior

Completed with a Wild Orlan Wizard



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Hey Drum_Warrior!


Thanks for the post! We actually had our external team just bug this, so I've added your information to it and tagged it as a community found bug as well :) It also looks like this affects adventurers too, so keep a look out there.


We'll work on a hopeful fix for the future.


You the best,



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I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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